Format a shape

Format a shape

Zoho Show app for your android phone and tablet device comes with several options to customize shapes, such as fill color, border, reflection, and shadow effects on a slide. These formatting options can help brighten your shape, and emphasize text content placed within shapes during a slideshow.

Apply fill to a shape

Fill your empty shapes with a pop color, gradient, pattern, or picture style. Shape fills will help match them with the color of the slide background and also your brand.
To apply a fill to your shape,
  1. Tap on the shape to apply a fill style and choose Format option. 
  2. This will open the different shape formatting options on the bottom pane.
  3. Tap Fill from the list, then tap Fill dropdown on the right to choose its type.
  4. There are four types of shape fills available on Zoho Show: Solid Fill, Gradient Fill, Picture Fill and Pattern Fill.
    1. Solid Fill applies a single color uniformly within the whole shape
    2. Gradient Fill applies a continuous blend of two or more different colors. Choose the color of gradient you want to apply from the top band and further select a lighter or darker shade of it in the gallery
    3. Picture Fill applies a picture or a texture as a shape fill
    4. Pattern Fill applies a pattern as a shape fill. Choose a pattern from this gallery and customize the foreground and background shades
Shape fill

If you want to remove the fill applied to your shape, tap None from the Fill dropdown.

Add border to a shape

Zoho Show app provides you options to add and change the color, weight, and style of an outside border of a shape. You can add more customization options to your border to make them look unique, and create a visual distinction to your shape on the slide.
To add a border to shape,
  1. Tap on the shape to add a border and choose Format option.
  2. This will open the different shape formatting options on the bottom pane.
  3. Tap Stroke from the list and enable the Stroke switch. 
Shape stroke effect

You can now customize various properties of the stroke such as color, width, line style, etc applied to the selected shape. 

Apply effect to a shape

You can modify the look of a shape using effects such as shadow or reflection on a slide. Further, you can customize parameters like transparency, color, size, etc with respect to the shape effects chosen.
To apply an effect to your shape,
  1. Tap on the shape to apply a style and choose Format option.
  2. This will open the different shape formatting options on the bottom pane.
  3. Tap Effects from the list and select the type of effect you want for your shape.
  4. Shadow effect drops a shadow beneath the shape. You can apply inner or outer shadow.
  5. Reflection effect adds a reflection beneath the original shape with styles such as a a water or glass reflection, or a half-shadow blurred effect.
Shape shadow reflection effect

Group/Ungroup Shapes
Customize your own shapes based on the requirement with Show's Group feature. You can copy and paste the customized shapes any where in the presentation, anytime, and any number of times. 
To group shapes, 
  1. From the Slides pane at the bottom, tap on the slide and tap Insert   icon at the top-right corner. 
  2. Now, tap Shape  at the bottom, and choose your preferred shapes from the list of categories.
  3. Scroll up and down to choose between the following categories: Basic Shapes, Block Arrows, Flow Charts, Equation Shapes, Stars, Callouts, Action buttons, and Lines (Connectors).
  4. Long press the shapes you want to group and tap Format then Group at the bottom pane. The selected shapes combine into one single shape. 
  5. Long press the combined shape to cut, copy, paste, delete or format the shape. 
Group shapes

You can apply formats to the grouped shape in the manner similar to that of the individual shapes. (make this a link). 
To ungroup shapes, 
  1. From the Slides pane at the bottom, tap on the slide and tap the grouped shape. 
  2. Go to Format then Shape and click Ungroup button at the bottom pane. The combined shape splits into individual shapes. 
Ungroup shapes

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