How to add or edit a hyperlink in Zoho Show - User guide

Add Hyperlinks to Webpages, Emails, and Slides

Including reference links in your slides is a great way to promote understanding and provide legitimacy to your presentation. Hyperlinks are clickable links that establish connections between one slide and another, link to external websites, and more. This allows you to control how information flows in your presentation.

A hyperlink enables you to:
  • Quickly jump to other slides in your presentation.
  • Link to files saved on your desktop.
  • Link to web pages.
  • Open an e-mail template.
Make sure that the target of your hyperlink is accessible to your intended audience.

Create and insert multiple types of links into your text, pictures, shapes, and any other slide objects in your presentation.
  • Web page: A link to a web page will let you click-open the link and view them on a web browser. It provides reference to content available on different website/ web sources on the internet.
  • Email address: A link to an email address will launch an email program that is already installed on your computer. This hyperlink will open a blank message in your default email program, with the email address you inserted in the To: line of the mail.

  • Slides in your presentation: A link to content in a different slide within the same presentation and continue to follow your presentation from there, if you wish. 
A hyperlink can be accessed only when you start a slideshow. You can also edit the address, display text, and change the color of a hyperlink whenever required.

Quickly access other slides in your presentation by adding hyperlinks. Reference additional information on the internet that you want to share with your audience to support your delivery.

To insert a hyperlink,
  1. Select the text or object you want to add hyperlink on the slide. This will open the FORMAT mode on the right pane. 

  2. From the pane, navigate to Hyperlink at the bottom and click Add Link. You can also right-click on the object and choose Hyperlink from the list. The Hyperlink window will appear.

    Add link to a slide

  3. Click the Link To dropdown to choose the type of link you want to insert. There are three types of hyperlinking options: 

    Hyperlink to a web page: Select Web Page from the dropdown and enter the URL (website address) of the web page you wish to link in the Web Page's URL box. 

    Link a web page

    Adding hyperlink to an email address: Select Email Address from the dropdown and enter the email address that you want to connect to in the Email Address text box and type in a subject within the Subject text box. 

    Link an email address

    Hyperlink to a slide: Select Slide from the dropdown and choose the slide that you want to link in your presentation. The options are:  

    First Slide to navigate to first slide in the presentation. 
    Last Slide to navigate to last slide in the presentation.
    Next Slide to advance one slide forward. 
    Previous Slide to advance one slide back. 
    Fixed Slide to link to any slide in the presentation.

    Link a slide

    If required, enter additional information about the webpage or slide in the Tooltip box. Tooltips appear when you hover the mouse pointer over the inserted hyperlink and can be edited anytime.

  4. Click OK once you have added the required links and information in the hyperlink window. The hyperlink will be inserted to the selected text or object and will appear underlined.

    Add a hyperlink to the slide

Action buttons are a special set of categories available within the Shape gallery located in the Insert section in the top bar. Add these buttons to your slide to perform select actions with a click. This includes adding navigation button shapes such as forward or backward arrows in the presentation, adding back links that leads to table of contents, etc.
To insert links to an action button,
  1. Select Shape from the Insert section at the top and then choose again Shape within the window.

  2. Select Action Button or Block Arrows as your shape category within the window and choose the type of shape you want to add from here.
    For example: To navigate to the next slide, select the Block Arrow category and choose Right Arrow, or to refer or an online document, select the Action Button category and choose Document button.

    Insert a shape on the slide

  3. Click and drag the newly added shape to the location that you want to place it in your slide.

    Place the object in the required position on the slide

    Click on the inserted shape to add hyperlink on the slide. You will see the FORMAT mode for shapes on the right pane. 

  4. From the pane, navigate to Hyperlink in the bottom and click Add Link. You can also right-click on the object and choose Hyperlink from the list. The Hyperlink window will appear.

  5. Follow the instructions given under 'Insert a Hyperlink' section. 

  6. Click OK, once you have added the required links and information in the Hyperlink window. The hyperlinked action will play during the slideshow.
If you want the action buttons to show up in all the slides in your presentation uniformly, then instead of adding them one at a time on the slide you can insert them within the Master View. Adding action buttons in the Master Slide is similar to adding any other object in the Slide Master.

By default, a hyperlink you add to your slide will be underlined in blue, while a followed hyperlink will be underlined in purple. A hyperlink changes color and becomes a followed hyperlink as soon as you click on it. However, the color of the original hyperlink and followed hyperlink can be changed to show either as different colors for better distinction or kept the same color to keep them looking fresh. 
To change the color of hyperlink text,
  1. Select the hyperlinked text added on the slide to change color. You will see the FORMAT mode opens on the right pane.

  2.  From the pane, navigate to Hyperlink at the bottom and click Change. You can also right-click on the object and choose Hyperlink from the list. The Hyperlink window will appear.

  3. Click the arrow next to Change Hyperlink Text Color in the Hyperlink window and do the following:
    To change the color of hyperlink text, click the arrow next to Hyperlink and choose the color.
    To change the color of followed hyperlink text, click the arrow next to Followed Hyperlink and choose the color.

    Change the hyperlink color

  4. Click OK to exit.

    Hyperlink color changed

To remove the hyperlink that you inserted to an object in your presentation,
  1. Select the object on the slide for which you want to remove the hyperlink and click Remove next to the HyperLink field in the right pane. 

    Remove hyperlink       

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