Add Media files to a slide

Add Media files to a slide

Zoho Show lets you embed media files such as images, videos, and audios from your system or the internet into your presentation.     

Add an image to the slide 

Images make your presentation look interesting and appealing. With Zoho Show, you can add pictures stored on your computer or web. You can further add multiple images to a particular slide in the presentation.

Different ways to find an image 

You can add pictures to your slide from the following sources:
  1. Library: Select pictures you've uploaded to your Zoho Show Library.
  2. URL: Use an image from the web by copying and pasting its URL.

Add an Image from Library 

When you add an image from your computer, it automatically gets saved under Library. You can reuse this image in the future from within Library without having to search for it again in the source location.
  1. Click Image under Media in the top bar and click Library within the window. All the images available in the Library will appear.

  2. Select one or more images in the window and click the Plus symbol to add those to the slide.  You can also double-click to add the image to the slide.

    Add symbol

    To select multiple images, hold the Shift key, click those images, and click Insert. The images will appear on the slide. 

    click Insert

    You can also add specific images to the Library using the Upload and Pick from WorkDrive options in the window.  

    upload or pick image from WorkDrive
Library in Show also lets you search, sort, and delete images that you no longer need:
  1. Search for an image: To narrow down the list of images in Library, click the Search bar and enter your search keyword.

    search an image

  2. Sort your images: You can use the Sort By  menu on the right and select a sorting option to search for images effortlessly in the Library.

    sort an image

    There are four sorting options:

  3. Name (A-Z/0-9): Sorts your image files in ascending order of the alphabet  (A-Z) or numbers (0-9).
  4. Name (Z-A/9-0): Sorts your image files in descending order of the alphabet (Z-A) or numbers (9-0).
  5. Oldest first: Sorts your image files chronologically from oldest to newest.
  6. Newest first: Sorts your image files chronologically from newest to oldest. 
  7. Delete an image: To remove an unwanted image from Library, click the image, then click the Delete  icon. To delete multiple images, press the Cmd or Ctrl key, select the images, and click the Delete  icon.

    delete image

Add an image using its URL

You can embed a picture on the slide by pasting the URL of the required image in the text field under URL in the Image window.
  1. Right-click on the image you want to add to the slide and choose Copy Image Address option from the dropdown list.

    Copy Image Address

  2. Tap Image under Media in the top bar and click URL.

  3. Paste the copied URL in the text box provided. A thumbnail view of the image will appear within the window. Click the Plus  icon in the bottom-right corner of the image to add it to your presentation.

    click the Plus icon

    The preview of the image will appear only if its URL is pasted correctly in the text box. Larger images will take longer time to load. 

  4. The image will appear on the slide. You can resize the picture by dragging its edges or using the Size and Position options.

    adjust the alignment of the image

    You can change an image on the slide anytime using the icon on its top-right corner.   
Note about copyrighted images:  
While adding images to your slides, make sure that you have legal rights to use them. Most of the images available online are protected by copyright, which limits your right to use them. Images licensed under Creative Commons are available for wider use. If you use images licensed under Creative Commons in your slideshow, they will be labeled with the CC icon.

Add a video and audio file in the presentation 

Using the Video and Audio options under Media, you can upload video and audio files into your presentation respectively. You can upload a video of up to 250 MB and an audio of up to 100 MB in Show. 

In your slide deck, you can upload a video in mp4, mov, m4v, avi, wmv, mpg, and mpeg formats. Likewise, you can upload an audio in mp3, wav, and m4a formats.
To add a video file to your slide:
  1. Click Video under Media in the top bar.

  2. Click Add Video in the window that appears.

    add video option

  3. Pick a video of your choice from the dialog box that appears and click Open. The video will load on the slide. 

  4.  You can click Preview at the bottom of the video file to preview it within the slide. 

    preview the video

  5. You can further apply Stroke or Shadow effects and enable the Autoplay or Loop options for the video file in the right pane. 

    apply formatting to the video
Using the Arrange pane, you can align and position the video file as per your requirement.
To insert an audio file in Show:
  1. Click Audio under Media in the top bar.

  2. Click Add Audio in the window that appears.

    Add Audio option

  3. Pick an audio file of your choice from the dialog box that appears and click Open.  The audio will load on the slide.
    You can click Preview at the bottom of the audio file to check its clarity. 

    Preview the audio

    You can further enable the Autoplay and Loop options for the audio file in the right pane. Also, using the Arrange  pane, you can align and position the audio file as per your requirement.  

    apply formatting to the audio

Embed a media file from external sites

Apart from videos in YouTube and your system storage, Show lets you upload videos from certain external sites.
To insert an embed code in Show:
  1. Copy the embed code of the required video and paste it in the text area under Embed code in Media. A thumbnail view of the video will appear within the Media window.

  2. Click the Plus icon in the bottom-right corner of the text area to add the video to the slide.  

    click Add icon

  3. You can further apply Stroke or Shadow effects and enable the Autoplay or Loop options for the video file in the right pane. 

    apply formatting to the embedded video

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