Working with the Master View

Working with the Master View

The Master View stores information such as themes, layouts, background graphics, and colors for a given presentation. The view contains the Master slide and all its associated layouts. The Master is the first in the hierarchy of decks within the Master View and acts as the main control center for all the styles and effects you apply in the slide decks.
A layout contains placeholders in the slide for:
  1. Title
  2. Subtitle
  3. Text
  4. Header
  5. Footer
  6. Date
  7. Slide number (which you can replace with your own text)
  8. Shapes
  9. Pictures
  10. Media files (twitter feeds or video)

Add, resize, or remove placeholders from the Master or individual slide layouts to modify the existing design and revamp the presentation.  
In Zoho Show, you have the freedom to choose a layout for a new slide, change the existing layout, or even create your own layout to facilitate reuse. Whatever editions you make to a layout in the Master View, will reflect on the slides following it, in your presentation.
You can also make uniform changes without editing each slide separately using the Master slide in the Master View. This helps you apply changes to all the slides in one go, thus saving your time and bringing consistency in presentation.

For example, you can add your company logo in the header or footer of the Master, or increase the font size of the title. This will be reflected in every slide throughout your presentation.
Here are some ways you can work with the slides in Master View
  1. Add header and footer placeholders in the Master slide or in individual slide layouts to include slide number, footer message, and date. You can move the placeholders anywhere within the slide. Moving the footer placeholder to the top of the slide will make it the header where you can add a logo, presentation title, or anything else

  2. Rearrange, resize, align, or rotate placeholders in the Master or individual layouts using the Arrange panel.  This helps you to re-order the distorted objects in slides. You can use the align options to organize your whole presentation in one go. When you adjust objects in the Master View, all the slides that follow the layout will have the text, pictures, images, or shapes rearranged, moved, and resized

  3. Add a background to the Master or individual layouts to reflect the style on slides in the presentation.  For example, add a picture that suits your subject as the background in the Master. The fill will uniformly apply throughout the slide decks. 

  4. Uniformly apply text format properties such as font, color, size, and style to objects in every slide using the Master. You can also customize objects on individual slide layouts. The effects will appear on the decks following that layout
Additionally, you can customize, duplicate, rename, delete, and organize layouts in the Master View.  

Create new or custom slide layouts

Customize your personal layouts using editing options such as font styles, background graphics, and placeholders, based on your requirements. Custom slides give you the freedom to add, move, resize frames, and edit them to give your decks a new look. Changes you make in the layouts will appear on the slides that follow it in the presentation.
To customize your own layout,  
  1. Select the FORMAT section, then click Edit Master Slide at the bottom of the right panel. This will open the Master View.

    Edit Master Slide button

  2. Select the desired slide layout, and click Add Layout at the top-left corner. A Custom Layout will appear below the chosen layout in the left panel. Note that you can also right-click the slide, then select Insert Layout to add a new layout in the Master View.

    Insert a layout in the Master View

You can start adding and editing placeholders, applying background color, and formatting objects in the newly created layout. 

Duplicate, delete, or rename a layout

You can modify an existing layout and reuse it in your presentation. Instead of creating a layout from scratch, simply duplicate and rename an existing slide layout to save time. Show also enables you to delete unwanted or unused slide layouts within the Master View. Any slides that are currently following this layout in your presentation will be highlighted in the thumbnail panel at the left of the screen.
To duplicate, delete, or rename a layout:
  1. Select the FORMAT section, then click Edit Master Slide at the bottom of the right panel. This will open the Master View.

  2. Right-click the desired slide layout and perform any of the following operations:
  3. Duplicate Layout will create a copy of the selected layout below the chosen layout in the left panel
  4. Delete Layout will permanently remove the layout from the presentation
  5. Rename Layout will prompt you to provide a new name for the layout

    Duplicate, delete, or rename a layout

Organize slide layouts

To create several slide layouts with similar styles and minor changes on the background graphics, text format, and other elements, you can use the cut, copy, and paste tools in the Master View. These easy-to-use options will help you apply an existing layout on a new slide and continue working on it without having to design the deck all over again.
To cut, copy, and paste a slide layout:
  1. Select the FORMAT section, then click Edit Master Slide at the bottom of the right panel. This will open the Master View

  2. Right-click the desired layout to perform either Cut or Copy operations.

    Cut or copy a layout

  3. Right-click and select Paste to replicate the layout in the Master View. A pop-up will appear at the top of the screen with the message 'Layout Pasted'. The applied layout will reflect on the corresponding slides in your presentation.

    Paste the copied layout

Once you cut or copy a layout, a pop-up message saying 'Layout Cut' or 'Layout Copied' will appear at the top of the screen.
You can also right-click on the empty area of a slide and select Cut, Copy, or Paste from the menu.

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