Using the Show Editor

Using the Show Editor

As soon as you click Zoho Show, the product interface will open. In the main editor, you can create and design presentations, discuss and exchange ideas with team members,  and play and deliver lectures from the G Drive platform.

  1. Create:  
    With the comprehensive bar right at the top of the canvas, you can enjoy creating interesting slides from scratch

    Insert elements in slides

  2. Design:

    Once your slides are neatly drafted, you can enhance the visual appeal of decks with various styles.

    Format objects in slides

  3. Animate
    Dramatize your ideas and bring them to life with animation and transition effects in Show for G Drive.

    Animate objects in slides

  4. Collaborate:
    You can add comments to the entire slide, or to particular slide elements using Comments in the Review panel. This way, you can interact with collaborators in real time within the Show app, without switching to other communication apps. 

    Comment and collaborate

  5. Version Control and Proofread: 

    Track the version history of your file, and revert to any version instantly using Versions in Review panel. Search for words in the slide, and replace them with a single click. You can also spell check and customize dictionaries using Tools in the Review panel. 

    You can run your presentations using Play in Show for G Drive. Slides run in full screen mode. You can control them using navigation arrows. Zoom in and out of the screen using the zoom slider. Emphasize key points in slides using markers and highlighters. 

    Version history

  6. Presenter View:
    Present ideas using referral notes for your personal reference with Show for G Drive. You can have one window for your reference and the other for the audience. Project the window for audience on a smart TV and click Start Presentation to get started.

    Presenter view

  7. Play options: 
Customize your own slides from existing presentations using Customize Slideshow in Show. You can use this technique when you want certain slides  hidden. You can also enable the feature when you want certain animation or transition effects hidden.

Likewise, you can also add explanations to individual slides. 

The Slideshow Setup in Show allows you to play slides in loop, disable transition effect, or disable animation effects. You can also enable multiple options at the same time.

Customize slideshow

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