Connect via the Viewer app - Zoho ShowTime

Connect using your mobile(Viewer app)

The viewer app is currently available for Android and iOS devices. Ask your attendees to download the app and connect to an ongoing or scheduled session with the join key that was displayed on the instruction slide or sent via an email.

Ways to download


  1. Visit the Play Store and enter "ShowTime Viewer" in the search bar.
  2. Select and install the ShowTime Viewer app.
  1. Visit the App Store and enter "ShowTime Viewer" in the search bar.
  2. Select and install the ShowTime Viewer app.

Register and join a session using the Join key

  • Open the ShowTime Viewer app.
  • Swipe through the tour for an overview of how the ShowTime Viewer app works, then tap Start.
  • Enter the Join Key that was shared to you and tap the tick box.

If you have enabled registration, your attendees will be asked to fill out the registration form before entering the session; otherwise, they will join the session directly.

Click Join to enter the room.
Note: The presentation or shared screen will load on your attendee's device once you begin.

When you schedule a session and send an invite, attendees will receive an email invitation to register for the session. When they click the registration link, they'll be directed to a page where they can view the session details. If they wish to register, they will need to fill out the registration form. 

If it's an ongoing session, they will be connected to it directly. If it's a session scheduled for later, they'll receive an email with a join link for the scheduled date and time. From there, they can click Join the session. For all scheduled sessions, a reminder email can be sent to attendees before the session.

Follow along during the session

Your attendees can sign in as a guest. Instead of just staring at the projector, they can use their mobile devices or laptops to follow along with you as you present.

In the case of a face-to-face session, the instruction slide is the first screen that will be displayed on the projector to your attendees. This screen contains the Join key. It also provides information on the various ways to connect to your session.

View completed slides

Your attendees can view the current slide and any that preceded it. No need to repeat yourself for latecomers; they'll be able to catch up on what they missed.

Like slides

Your attendees can show appreciation for a particular slide's content, animation, or delivery style by clicking the Heart symbol in the bottom-right corner of their screens.

Start a chat

Chat is only available for remote sessions. Your attendees can interact among themselves and with you during the session with the Chat feature. Click the Chat tab in the bottom-right corner of the screen, to write a text and press Send. In the Chat section, you'll see the chat conversation, along with the attendee's name and the time at which the message was sent. In the Audience section, you will see the number of participants on the session, the names of the attendees and their status.

Audio and video

Voice and video are only available for remote sessions. If you have enabled these options, your attendees will be able to hear and see you. They can mute or enable either feed for their individual devices by clicking on the Microphone and Video icons on the middle-bottom side of their screens.

Note: Audio and video are one-way feeds. Attendees cannot broadcast their own voice and video.

Screen share

Screen share is only available for remote sessions. When you choose to deliver a presentation or screen share, your attendees can view them.
If the session was started with a presentation, the view will return to that when screen share is stopped. Otherwise, attendees will see a "The trainer is gearing up for the session" screen but will still be able to hear and see you. You can also still conduct polls and answer questions that attendees pose.

Share your audio/video

The Open mic feature is available only for remote session. With this feature, your attendees can voice their opinions.
Ask your attendees to raise a request by tapping on the Mic icon on the top-right corner of the screen.

To ask an attendee to talk, go to the Attendee tab, click the Mic button corresponding to the attendee name, and invite them to talk. Once the attendee accepts the request, they will be able to talk. When attendees have muted themselves, you will see a Poke option corresponding to their name on the Attendee tab. Use this to prompt an attendee to talk.

However, as a trainer, you can also allow your attendees to talk with each other at the same time.

To allow all attendees to talk at the same time time, click the Unmute All button in the Attendee tab. Your attendees will get a pop-up to accept open mic access on their screen. Once they accept the request, all your attendees can talk simultaneously during the session.The trainer can mute and unmute mic access anytime during a session.

If the trainer mutes the mic permission for all the attendees, then each attendee who wants to voice their opinion can request open mic access from the trainer. Once the trainer accepts the request, the attendee can start to speak. Only one attendee can request open mic access. A trainer accepting a new open mic request will revoke the access given to the earlier attendee.

Ask questions

Now even shy attendees can ask questions. To pose a question, they need to select the Question tab from the bottom-left corner of the screen and enter their question(+) in the text box and press enter. Questions can be upvoted or downvoted by other attendees.You will be notified about questions as soon as they're sent. You can choose to answer immediately (projecting them to your attendees) or save them for later. When the question is projected, the question status changes to Answered.

You can view questions based on filters such as all questions, asked by me, answered, and unanswered. Sort questions based on vote and time.

Note: In remote sessions, you will have the option to reply privately or publicly to attendees by text.

Answer polls

Evaluate attendees' knowledge during the session. Start a poll and request attendees to answer them. Attendees will see a poll pop-up or a notification on the Poll tab. They can answer instantly or later by clicking on the particular poll question from the Polls tab. All polls answered by attendees will move from the Unanswered tab to the Answered tab. When the poll results are projected it changes to "Published". If an attendee submits a reply, ShowTime will send them a pop-up stating "Poll submitted successfully".

Provide rating and feedback

After you finish the session, attendees will see a Rating window asking them to rate the session (out of five stars) and provide feedback (collective response) about your performance. Once they're done, they will receive a customized thank you message.

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