Customize registration in Zoho ShowTime

Customize Registration

Once you have created your session, the next step is managing your registrations. Registration allows attendees to tell you ahead of time that they will be participating.

Enable registration

Registration helps you plan your session by letting you know ahead of time how many people will be participating. If you don't enable registration, you will not know how many attendees will be participating in your session. However, attendees who haven’t registered can still join your session if you send them a link.

To enable registration:

In the Registration tab, registration for a session will be enabled by default.

Customize registration: 

You can customize the Registration form to include custom fields to capture more details about your participants. 

1. Click the Add custom field button. 

2. Specify a name for the field in the Label textbox and choose the type of data from the Type dropdown. (eg. Textbox, number, MCQ) 

3. You can make the field compulsory using the Mandatory checkbox. 

Add Pre-defined field

You can also choose to add the pre-defined fields offered by ShowTime by clicking on Choose from Pre-defined field. Once you select the fields, click Save.

Reorder the fields by hovering over the added fields and drag and drop them in any order that you wish.  


If you are using the following payment gateways, please make sure that you add the mentioned custom fields as mandatory in the registration form. 
  1. Razorpay/Eazypay/Paytm - Phone Number
  2. Paytabs - Address, Phone Number,City,State,Coutry,Zip/Postal Code

Enable Privacy field:

In specific cases, you might want to declare the company's policies and practices with respect to the processing of personal data, It is also advisable to ask for consent from the participants regarding the usage of their information that they submit during registration. In such scenarios, you can use the privacy field to make sure that your audience are aware of the terms and adhere to these policies before entering your training session.

Preview registration form:

Preview the registration form by clicking on the View registration page button. 


Embed registration form : 

Embed the registration form in any of your digital platforms (eg. blog, organization webpage, etc) by clicking on the Embed button. This helps your trainees to register for your session directly from the embedded web page. 
1. Specify a name for the web page (e.g. Facebook, blog, Zylker organization) in which you want your registration form to be shown in the Where     will the link be shared? textbox.
2. Paste the iframe code in your preferred webpage. You can preview the registration form on the right pane. 
The iframe that you paste in your site tracks the registration activity. For instance, when a user registers from your twitter post, it's tracked and logged as "Twitter". If a user registers from your blog, it's tracked as "Blog". 

You can check the results of this tracking analysis under the Source column in the People tab. 

Advanced Settings 

Manage registrations : 

 Allow your registrants to join the session automatically - Every registrant will automatically be allowed to join your session. You don't need to approve the registrants individually. 
Manually allow or deny access to each registrant to join your session - Every registrant needs your approval to access the session. They won't be able to access the session if you reject their registration. 
Note: All the trainees you invite personally through the email, can join your session automatically. You cannot restrict their access once invited.

Where to redirect the registrants

You can promote your organization and build brand awareness amongst your prospects by redirecting them to any page of your choice.
Stay in the registration page. - The trainee stays in the registration page after completing registration. 
Enter the redirect page URL - You can specify the URL of the page that your registrants will be redirected to, after they complete registration (e.g. blog or organization web page). 

Your attendees can participate in a session by registering for it. If registration is not enabled they can instantly connect via the join link.

If the session has already launched, the attendees will be redirected to the Yet to Begin screen after registration. When the trainer begins presenting they will be able to view the presentation slides. If the session is scheduled for a later date and time, they will receive an email with the link to join the session on the scheduled date and time.

Make your trainings private: 

Host special training only to an restricted audience by allowing only invited users to register for the session. Enjoy enhanced productivity, better interaction, and effective brain-storming sessions by making your trainings more secure.

Disable Registration

When a trainers disables the registration requirement in ShowTime, people can join a training session as "Guests." ShowTime gives Guest attendees the option to enter their name and email address when they join a session.

This helps presenters track who attended the sessions and learn about their backgrounds and interests more easily. Of course, this is optional and people can still opt-out of giving their details. Tutors can always use ShowTime's registration feature to make it mandatory for registrants to provide their name and email address. 

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