Reminder thank you emails in Zoho ShowTime

Session Settings

Set Language

This selected language will be default language for the emails sent to participants and for the registration page shown to your audience. If needed, registrants can use the dropdown on the top right of the the registrant page to change the language of the displayed page.

Password protect your sessions

Once you configure a session, enable the Make this session password protected checkbox and enter a password.

Once a password is set, you will have to share the password to your prospects manually after which they can type in the same, to access the session.  

Registrant Count

You can put a limit on the number of registrants and the number of participants for your training session. Check the Customize registrant limit for this session check box and specify the value in the Enter registrant limit textbox.

Attendees count

You can put a limit on the number of registrants and the number of participants for your training session. Check the Customize attendee limit for this session check box and specify the value in the Enter attendee limit textbox.

Private Question

When your participants pose questions during a live session, they will be displayed to the entire audience. To disable this, you can check the Questions raised by the attendee will be visible only to the trainers checkbox to show the raised queries only to the trainers.

Disable Chat Room

You can also disable the common chat room for the training session by unchecking the Enable chat room for all attendees to participate check box. 

Automatic session recording

ShowTime allows you to record your live trainings and it will be automatically saved in a centralized location. Check the Start recording automatically once the session starts check box to initiate recording of a training once it begins. You can also manually begin and end recording a session if you wish to record only certain segments of the training. 

Evaluation and Feedback

As a trainer, assessments help you gauge the trainee's attitude, awareness and their reaction towards a training. Qualitative feedback ensures that your online trainings are learner-centric , trainer-directed, mutually beneficial and context-specific. 
ShowTime allows you to customize these feedback and evaluation forms as per the trainer's need and will display them to your learners once the training is over.
1. Once you create a session, click the Settings tab in the top and select Evaluation

2. Choose the type of feedback option from the list input box and fill in the required parameters for every field that you customize and click Add.

3. Once you create the fields, you can reorder them in any order that you wish. You can also edit and delete the custom fields by clicking on the edit, delete icon. 

The form you create will be displayed to your attendees once the training session  is over and its results can be viewed by you under the Evaluation section within the Analytics tab.

Reminder mails

Send emails to your registrants to remind them about the session. The reminders can be sent an hour, day, or even ten minutes before the session begins. Reminder emails can be sent only for sessions that are scheduled and not launched immediately. If a trainer launches a session before its scheduled start time, the reminder email will go out immediately. 

Thank you mail

You can also preview and edit the Thank you email sent to the attendees once the session ends. Check the Thank you email check box and click Edit email

View email statistics 

View the response rate of all your training emails sent to your trainees from Showtime based on the number of people who clicked, opened and bounced it in their inbox. This helps you track your email campaign metrics, and give your well-optimized emails an even better chance of reaching and connecting with your customers. 
To view your email reports,

Go to Settings tab, click Email reminders and then View reports button at the right of the listed reminder emails.

Based on your selection, you will be able to receive significant data like -clicked, opened and bounced data and further the individual status of each email sent by you from Showtime.


You can change the feel and look of the registration page with exciting themes offered by ShowTime. Under the Themes tab, select either Light or Dark and click on Preview to see how each theme looks.

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