Screenshare in ShowTime:

Screenshare in ShowTime

Screen share 

In Zoho ShowTime, screen sharing is the easiest way for a presenter or tutor to project a topic to an entire class in real-time. It’s the ability to display the trainers’ screen to their students, instantly, to explain a particular subject. There’s no need to try to explain a complex process verbally or walk students through large files when you can show them exactly how it’s done from your own screen. It’s also ideal for demonstrating software usage, fixing bugs, and customer hand-holding.

When you select Screen share after launching the session, you will be prompted to select Your entire screen, Application window, or Browser Tab. Select one and click Share.
  • Your Entire Screen - Share your entire screen with attendees.
  • Application Window - Share a particular application window with attendees. They will be able to view only the application and nothing else on your screen.
  • Browser Tab - Share a particular browser tab with your attendees.

When you share a screen, your attendees will be able to view the shared screen on their mobile devices or laptops. When the live streaming begins you will see "Screen share is in progress. Your attendees can view the screen that you choose to share." During the process of choosing an application to share, your attendees will see the screen "Trainer is gearing up for the session. Please wait."

To switch between screens during screen share:

If you would like to share a different screen with your attendees, click the Screen Share icon. A screen share pop-up will prompt you to choose what you would like to share with your attendees.

Stop Sharing

Once you're done, click Stop Sharing. If the session was started with a presentation, you'll be returned to it. If the session was started directly with screen share, when you click Stop Sharing you will be taken back to the Options page to choose a Presentation or Screen share. Your attendees will still be able to hear and see you. You can also still conduct polls and receive the questions attendees pose.


Once the session is completed, click Exit in the bottom-left corner of the screen. You will be prompted if you want to end click End Broadcast to quit the session. Request attendees to provide a rating and feedback when they are prompted.

You can also watch the video below for more information. 

Allow system audio to be audible during Screenshare

In the above scenario, whenever you share a screen from your browser - the audio from your system will not be audible to your participants. If you wish to have this audio audible, kindly follow the below steps. 

Setting up the Zoho ShowTime Deskop application

Note: The Zoho ShowTime desktop application can be installed only in Windows systems for now.
1. Download and install the Zoho ShowTime Presenter Application from:

2. Open the application and click on View -> Host session. 

3. In the main webpage, click the login button at the top right and enter your Zoho email address and password to log in.

4. Once you've logged in, create a remote session and customise the session settings and details according to your preference. Once you are set, launch the session.

6. Click on the 'Start broadcast' button and click on the 'Start Screenshare' button in the bottom menu.

7. In the window that pops-up, click on the screen you wish to share and make sure to check the 'Share computer audio' button. Once you're done, click the 'Share' button to start screenshare with audio.

8. You can now open the presentation in your computer, start slideshow and play the video. 
Now your attendees can see and hear the embedded video in your presentation. With this feature, you can also play any videos or audio files in your computer and your attendees will be able to listen to it.

For the best experience,

1. When you share the embedded video in a presentation, disable your mic so that echos are not heard. You can enable your mic once the video is over.

2. When you give mic access to attendees, disable the 'Allow system audio' checkbox at the center of the screen. Kindly make sure you enable this checkbox only when sharing a video.

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