Zoho ShowTime integrates with Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM integration

Zoho CRM is our Customer Relationship Management software that helps manage your customers and prospects effectively and further identify potential leads to achieve increased deals. 
With ShowTime's integration with Zoho CRM, the trainers can easily manage the session leads in a dedicated space, filter highly engaged participants and reconnect with them for future sessions as soon as the session ends. You can also now export audience data into CRM, identify interested participants, build stronger customer relationships and do much more. 
If you are a trainer with a list of hot leads then you can invite those key clients to your ShowTime session by pulling in their contact info directly from Zoho CRM. This saves you from the trouble of manually inviting each participant to the session.
Key Features of integration: 
  1. Pull leads and contacts from your CRM account and invite them to your sessions.
  2. Export your session's data and analytics to your CRM portal to qualify the participants based on lead score in order to make successful conversions. 
Important : Zoho CRM integration will be available only in ShowTime's Professional and Enterprise plans.  

Configure CRM within Zoho ShowTime

Installing the Zoho ShowTime plug-in for CRM is simple and easy. Only the admin of your ShowTIme account can perform this action.
To configure the CRM integration, 
1. Log in to your ShowTime account click the Administration tab on the left pane, then select Integrations on the top bar.

2. Navigate to CRM integration, click Configure and select a portal from your CRM account. 

3. The selected portal will be mapped to your ShowTime account. You can now invite your customers and leads, and push ShowTime session data into your Zoho CRM portal.

Invite CRM people to your trainings

Invite a list of potential leads or converted clients for your training directly from your ShowTime's CRM account.
To invite CRM leads to join your training,

1. After creating a session, click the People tab and select Zoho CRM.

2. Select the Module and View from which you wish to invite the contacts. 

The selected people will be invited to your training and their registration details can be viewed under the Invites tab.

Export session data to CRM

As soon as people start registering for your training sessions, you can push registrant data to Zoho CRM by clicking on Push to Zoho CRM in the People tab.

After a session ends, you can export the participant details, as well as session data, such as date and time, number of registrants and attendees, audience engagement, polls asked, and questions asked, into your CRM account.
To push your data into CRM, 
To export data to CRM, go to People tab and click the Push to Zoho CRM button. All your data will be exported to the same module that your CRM people were invited from.

If you haven't invited people from any existing CRM module, or you wish to export the participant data of past sessions held long ago, you will be asked to specify the Module that you want to export the data to.

In Zoho CRM, click on the module that you have exported your data to and select a contact and scroll down to see their session activity and the trainings that they have attended in Zoho ShowTime.

Once this integration is done, two modules will be created in Zoho CRM - Zoho ShowTime and ShowTime sessions. All your session data can be viewed by clicking the More icon and choosing Zoho ShowTime in your CRM account.

Registrant data can be viewed by clicking the More icon and choosing ShowTime sessions.


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