Create extensions using Zoho Sigma cloud editor

Create extensions using Zoho Sigma cloud editor

Sigma has introduced a cloud editor where users can build extensions for Zoho services . Upon selecting a Zoho service, the corresponding service’s plug-in manifest file will be pre-populated into Sigma’s editor as a new project, eliminating the need for service specific setup. Sigma also hosts the extension for you.    

Highlights of Sigma cloud editor 

  1. Develop and host extension  : Sigma’s cloud editor supports both client and server-side operations under one roof. 
  2. Function & triggers  : Write functions to extend the scope of your services. Execute functions at specific events using triggers, for instance,  when a user installs your extension, and to get or push data from one service to another or within the same service. 
  3. Test the extension  : Test the extension with ease in Sigma’s editor. You just have to click run on the top menu of Sigma cloud editor.  The service's page will open in a new window, loading your extension in the respective service location. Any changes to your code snippet reflect instantly on your extension. 
  4. Import files from local editor  : Developers can also build extensions in their local editor and import the files to Sigma later. These extensions can then be published privately or hosted as public extensions. 
  5. Update existing extensions  : Developers can update their extensions to include additional features or enhancements. Private extensions can be republished after the update whereas public extensions need to be resubmitted to Zoho Marketplace to include the new changes. 
  6. Track versions  : All published updates are saved as a new version in Sigma. You can always go back and view the previous versions. 

Cloud editor components  

File  : Add a new function, trigger, event, file or folder from this menu.  
Edit  : Undo or redo any action using the options in this menu. 
View  :  Associate an existing function or trigger to your current extension.  
Run: Publish your extension. Instantly a new page will open, loading your extension in the respective service location. Any changes to your code snippet reflects immediately on your extension. 
Regenerate Manifest: Regenerate your plugin manifest file based on the associated functions and triggers.If your extension gets corrupted or encounters an issue due to wrong configuration in plugin-manifest file, then use this option to reconfigure the manifest file. 
Help  : Displays all the shortcuts present in Sigma cloud editor. 


Build your extension in Sigma     

  1. Click  Create Extension
  2. Enter an extension name. 
  3. Pick a Zoho service for which you’re building the extension.  
  4. Upload Extension: Set Upload Extension as No and develop the extension in Sigma’s online cloud editor. 
  5. Take a look at the terms and conditions before you proceed. 
For public extensions 
If you want to edit or test the extension before publishing in Zoho Marketplace, you can click  Save as Draft.  Otherwise, you can click   Submit to Zoho Marketplace . Zoho Marketplace collects details about the extension before validation. To learn more about these details, take a look into Zoho Marketplace’s help guide.   

For private extensions 
If you want to edit or test the extension before publishing it you can click  Save as Draft . Otherwise, you can directly Publish your extension. Once you have specified the parameter values click  Run .

If you have already developed the extension using CLI, you can upload a zip file of the extension too.
  1. Each file in the uploaded zip file must be less than 5 MB.
  2. The zip file can have a maximum of 250 files and the zip file name must be less than 50 characters.
  3. Supported file formats in the zip are:
    1. File: txt,md,xml,dre,css,js,html,json
    2. Image: jpeg,jpg,gif,bmp,png,svg
    3. Video: mp4,webm
    4. Audio: mp3
    5. Preview: otf,ttf,eot,woff,woff2 

Extension Details 

Extension details has five sections that list the different components of your extension. 
General Details  : View the basic details, such as who created the extension, which service that extension associated to. In addition to this, you can also get your extension stats from this section. Click Download to download a copy of your extension to your local. 
Versions  : Lists all the versions of your extension along with the date created. 
Developers  : Associate developers with your extension in this panel.  
Functions  : Associate functions or view the list of functions associated with your extension here. 
Triggers  : View the list of triggers or associate a trigger with your extension from here.  

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