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As your company expands, you might add new business processes to your organization and recruit more employees. Having several tools to monitor the development will make managing the organization laborious. Also, if you have to juggle between many apps, the onboarding process will be difficult and time-consuming. In these situations, tool unification will be crucial. Sigma, helps you meet these requirements.
Sigma is an extension development platform where developers can build and host extensions for various Zoho applications. Extension is a software add-on that extends the capabilities of your service. Build your extension using any language, such as, HTML, Javascript, CSS etc. Sigma provides functions for handling server-side operations. You can also create connection between Zoho apps and other third party apps using Sigma.

Zoho Marketplace acts as a single window for all Zoho service extensions where you can publish your extensions for free or list for a price. Users can install the public extensions from Zoho Marketplace.

Advantages of using Sigma  

  1. Cloud editor
  2. Allows multiple developers to work on building the extension
  3. Develop extension using client side services such as HTML, Java script and CSS
  4. Test the extension directly from editor
  5. Support CLI tool for developers who are used to different developing tools

You might occasionally be unable to locate an app or extension that meets the user's needs. In these circumstances, Sigma extensions can be used to create custom extensions to meet the needs. By this, a new eco system of apps are created.
Using Sigma, you can create widgets as well. Zoho CRM and Zoho Creator widgets are powered by Sigma.

Native extensions 

Native extensions extend your service's functionality by adding bundles of custom features. They are built and hosted on Sigma. For example, Zoho Desk has many unassigned tickets that are overdue. To identify which tickets should be resolved first, it would be helpful if the tickets are ranked based on a set criteria. A developer designs a native extension that defines a workflow to rank tickets based on their priority, ticket creation date, escalation status, and frequency of the issue etc. Once built and bundled, these custom solutions can be sold to other desk users as an extension. 

Extensions for integrating third party applications 

Third party integration extensions are built and hosted outside Sigma. It allows developers to link their service with external services such as Google and Zendesk. Data will be pushed to or from a third party application through OAuth 2.0. Connectors are used to create a connection between your service and the third party application. You may also need to add some basic components of Sigma like functions, triggers, and events to handle data within your service. 
Using Sigma platform you can create two types of extensions:


  • Public 
    • Public extensions are hosted for a wider audience and can be installed by anyone who visits Zoho Marketplace

  • Private
    • Private extensions are hosted for a smaller audience and can be accessed only by users who have the direct URL of the extension. 

Supported services  

Users can currently create extensions for Zoho CRM, Zoho Projects, Zoho Desk, Zoho Mail, and Zoho Recruit using Sigma. Here is a detailed description about these services and how extensions can be created for them using Sigma.

Zoho CRM  

Zoho CRM is a Customer Relation Management product. It helps to manage sales, marketing, and customer support activities together and also, streamline your process, policy, and people in one platform.

Get to know more about extensions for Zoho CRM from this help document

Take a look at Zoho CRM's Community forums to know more on building extensions for Zoho CRM.

Zoho Projects

Zoho Projects is a cloud based project management software. It helps you to achieve project goals on/ within the stipulated time as it includes planning your projects, tracking work efficiently, and collaborating with your team, wherever they are.
The below webinar will help you build extensions for Zoho Projects: 

Click here to navigate to extensions of Zoho Projects help document.

Zoho Desk 

Zoho Desk is a help desk software that helps to focus on the customers. You can quickly allocate, track, and set up notifications on help desk tickets with Zoho Desk. Zoho Desk can be tailored to your company's needs so that you can guarantee happy clients.


Learn more about extensions for Zoho Desk from this help document.

Take a look at Zoho Desk's Community forums to know more on building extensions for Zoho Desk.

Zoho Mail

Zoho Mail is a secure and reliable email platform. Email communication is the backbone of every organization. With Zoho Mail, you can communicate both inside and outside your organization professionally. With collaboration features, its not just inbox. Zoho Mail suite has Email, Calendar, Contacts, Task, Notes, and much more.
Know more about extensions for Zoho Mail from this help document.

Zoho Recruit

Streamline your complete recruitment process using Zoho Recruit. All that you need for recruitment will be available on one single platform. Save time in organizing the recruitment activities with Zoho Recruit.
Click here to navigate to the help document of extensions for Zoho Recruit.

Extensions for Zoho CRM and Zoho Recruit services can be created only in the US DC, but are installable from all DCs. 

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