Getting started with Facebook Lead Ads

Getting started with Facebook Lead Ads

Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram are some of the most used platforms today by small businesses who want to achieve different goals through their online presence. These can turn out to be some powerful tools for lead generation as well, when used properly.  Consumers are actively making purchases through social media, and are on the lookout for product recommendations by other users and influencers. As a business, this provides you with the leverage of having your target audience present on a single platform, and you can boost your conversions by targeting your advertising and marketing efforts towards them accurately. This can be in the form of creating engaging content; interacting with the audience through polls, contests, and giveaways; through running targeted ads; and so many other methods.

The Lead Forms module has been deprecated for users signing up to Zoho Social from the 19th of April, 2024. If you wish to synchronize leads from Facebook Lead Ads and Forms to Zoho CRM, and Bigin please use the LeadChain extension from the Zoho CRM or Bigin's Marketplace. Read More: LeadChain - An Overview

Facebook Lead Ads

Lead Ads on Facebook are ads that can be customized and targeted to a specific audience, based on your goals. Lead Ads can be targeted along with a Lead form, through which you can get relevant information for your business from an audience who you may qualify as a lead. You can set up your Lead Ad on Facebook through the Meta Ads Manager or the Meta Business Suite. You just have to choose the objective of your ad, identify the target audience, set a budget, add a compelling creative, and you're good to go! Your ads will be shown to the chosen audience in their feeds, and they can fill out a form without leaving the page, streamlining the entire process. With the precise targeting options, you'll be able to land in a pool of potential leads!

Your Facebook Lead Ad account and associated lead forms can be managed right from Zoho Social, in a unified dashboard.

Zoho Social's Integration with Facebook Lead Ads 

Once you've set up the ad account and lead forms, you can manage them efficiently from your Zoho Social account and capture lead information. You can track how your ads are performing and monitor the results. In order to explore this integration, you need to link your Ad account to Zoho Social.

Feature Availability

Lead Ads and Lead Forms are available in the Premium, Agency, and Agency Plus plans of Zoho Social.

Zoho Social - Zoho CRM Integration  

Once you've captured all the lead information from Lead Ads to your Social account, you can also make use of this information by sending it directly to Zoho CRM, if you're already a user. Through this integration, you're saving the hassle of downloading the information from Facebook as a CSV file every time, uploading it to a managing tool, and then sending it manually to your CRM.

Prerequisites before you integrate your accounts
  1. You must be an admin on the respective Zoho Social and Zoho CRM accounts to enable the Zoho Social-Zoho CRM integration.
  2. You must be an admin on the Facebook account, Facebook page, and the ad account you want to connect to Zoho Social.

Integrate Zoho Social with Zoho CRM

You can enable the integration only for one portal of Zoho CRM and Zoho Social.  
  1. Go to Setup on your Zoho CRM account.
  2. Navigate to Channels -> Social.

  3. Select and import the Social brand you want to integrate with your Zoho CRM account. 

Connect your Facebook Lead Ad account to Zoho Social

  1. Go to the Lead Forms module in Social.
  2. Click Set Up Facebook Lead Ads Now.
  3. Log in to the Facebook account where you have the ad account configured.

  4. Choose the ad account you want to add to Zoho Social.
  5. Click Proceed to allow Zoho Social to map all the fields to Zoho CRM automatically.
  6. Click Edit Mapping to map fields individually to Zoho CRM.

  7. Add any additional fields that you want to add to Zoho CRM.

  1. If you have multiple Facebook pages or ad accounts, please ensure that you choose the right ad account you want to connect, as you can connect only one ad account per brand.
  2. Once your ad account is connected, if you've already integrated your Zoho Social Account with Zoho CRM, then you can map fields from your lead forms to Zoho CRM, either automatically or manually.
  3. All fields marked with an asterisk (*) are mandatory and must be mapped from your Facebook form to Zoho CRM for the sync to happen automatically. These mandatory fields are usually listed at the top of the drop-down.

Assignment Rule  

To make the lead capture process easier, you can set up an assignment rule in CRM specifically for the leads module, and decide how the leads will be assigned and to whom. You can distinguish your rules by providing a name and a suitable description. Once the conditions are defined and the rule is created in the leads module of your Zoho CRM, these rules are reflected in the drop-down available in Zoho Social from where you can choose a suitable rule and assign it to the leads.

For example, if you have a rule created by the name 'Leads from social media' and you've assigned it to person A in the sales team, then you can choose this rule and apply it to all the leads you're receiving from Facebook lead ads through Zoho Social. 

Apply assignment rule to leads on Zoho Social

  1. Go to the Lead Forms module.
  2. Click the drop-down next to Assignment Rule.
  3. Select the rule you want to apply and verify the unique associated rule ID.
  4. Click Apply. This rule will apply across all your lead forms and brands.  
Only portal admins in the Zoho Social account will be able to apply an assignment rule and view which rule is applied to the leads obtained.

Test real-time lead sync

Once all the integrations are done, you can test if the leads are syncing from Facebook to Zoho Social and in turn to Zoho CRM. Using Meta's Lead Ads Testing Tool, you can create a test lead and see if the information reflects in Social and CRM.

While creating the test lead, please ensure that the field doesn't contain any special characters. 

Best practices to ensure a smooth integration 

  1. Ensure that you have enabled permissions for your Facebook leads to be accessed from Zoho Social.
  2. Create an assignment rule under the Leads module on Zoho CRM if you want to apply it to the leads obtained from lead ads on Zoho Social.
  3. Ensure there is no brand duplication, so you can avoid confusion as to which brand should be integrated with Zoho CRM.
  4. The CRM layout you wish to map to a form has to be in a visible status to the connected Zoho Social admin account. 

Troubleshooting Steps

If you're facing any issue with syncing your Facebook leads to Zoho CRM, please try some of the troubleshooting steps mentioned below.
  1. Check the permissions on the connected Facebook account.

  1. Go to the Business Manager settings on the connected Facebook account.
  2. Go to Leads Access under Integrations in the left panel.
  3. Select the Facebook page your ad account is connected to and assign CRM & People access to Zoho Social and your Facebook admin account.
  4. Ensure mandatory fields are mapped.

  1. Go to the Lead Forms module in Zoho Social.
  2. Click Edit mapping and then click on the drop-down in the listed CRM fields.
  3. Verify if all the mandatory fields (fields marked with *) are filled. If not, capture the required information.
You can also unmark a field from being mandatory in CRM if you don't want to map it.
  1. Reconnect your Facebook Page/Facebook ad account to Zoho Social.

  1. Go to Settings -> Social Channels and reconnect your Facebook channel.
  2. Go to the Lead Forms module, click Manage Ad Account, and reconnect your ad account.
  1. Check if your lead form is unique to one ad account.

            If your lead form is being used in multiple Facebook ad accounts, Zoho Social will capture leads associated only with one ad a     account in the corresponding Brand.
  1. Check if the mapped CRM layout is visible.

            Your leads might fail to sync if the CRM layout you've mapped is invisible to the Zoho Social admin account. Please ensure that you provide the layout visibility to the admin, and the leads will start syncing.

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