Design with Canva button

Design with Canva button

Canva is a design platform that is used by marketing teams around the world. Canva button is a feature that brings this tool to Zoho Social's application. It lets you create and edit social media designs from anywhere within our application.
Easily create designs for social media networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more. Choose from different preset templates and other graphic elements to make new designs without leaving the Zoho Social app. The user-friendly interface lets social media marketers make professional-looking designs.
You can use also use the Canva button for editing your images. If you have an existing design that could use some changes and enhancements, you can upload it to Canva from your desktop, edit, and publish it. Simply without switching from Zoho Social. 

Where can I access this from?

a. An important place you can access the Canva button is on the Publishing window, under the Media attachment option, find the Design on Canva button.
b. After an image is added from Canva to the publishing window, if it still needs more changes, you can click anytime on the Edit on Canva button on it.
c. You can also import images from Canva and store them in Zoho Social's Media Library. This library can be accessed from any time, anywhere by you and your team.
d. Canva button is also available on multiple places on Zoho Social wherever the Attach images option is found such as Messages, Posts Tab, Collaborate, Monitor Tab, etc.
Here is how you can access Canva from some key places on Zoho Social:

Publishing Window

Adding a new image from Canva

Step 1: From Zoho Social's dashboard, go to New Post.
Step 2: Click on the Media attachment button on the menu tray on the bottom right
Step 3: Choose Design on the Canva button

Step 4: This shows the shortcut templates to choose from

Step 5: Choose from the listed social channel templates for Facebook/Twitter/Instagram or the general template with the "Social Media Post" button
Step 6: The Canva Frame opens with the selected template, edit an image, or design a new one from scratch
Step 7: Once you are done, click Attach to add the image to Zoho Social

After adding an image from Canva

Once you add an image from Canva to the Zoho Social publisher, you can edit it again from the publisher window by clicking on the Edit On Canva button.

Step 1: After attaching an image from Canva, you can see the edit on Canva button on it
Step 2: Click on Edit on Canva
Step 3: Edit the image on Canva Frame that opens
Step 4: Click on Attach to update the new one on your publishing window

Canva on Zoho Social Media Library

If you simply want to add media from Canva to your Zoho Social, you can find the Canva button on Zoho Social's media library.

Step 1: Go to the Posts Tab on Zoho Social
Step 2: Choose the Media Library section on the left
Step 3: Here, select Upload Media on the top left
Step 4: Click Design on the Canva button
Step 5: This opens a Canva frame within Zoho Social
Step 6: Use Canva to design an image
Step 7: Click Attach to import it to your Media Library

Canva on other places in Zoho Social

Canva under posts tab

Canva button on Monitor tab

Canva Frame Pop-up

This is how the Canva Frame looks under Zoho Social. You can use Canva on all the tabs wherever the Attach icon is visible.

On the left side of the Canva pop-up, you can see the menu containing different sections.
These sections categorize multiple tools or elements to add to your image.
The tools include:
Template: Choose from a wide range of pre-made templates to post.
Elements: Choose different image vectors, shapes, and frames to enhance your design.
Uploads: Use this option to upload an image from your device.
Text: Choose from different fonts, font styles, and colors.
All your media: Previous creations on your Canva account can be accessed here.
Check out the Frequently Asked Questions about Design on Canva Feature

Note: Canva Button is available only for Professional Subscription and above.

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