LinkedIn Lead Ads Integration

LinkedIn Lead Ads Integration

LinkedIn Lead Ads are a great way to reach your marketing audience, increase your brand awareness, generate qualified leads, and filter out potential customers for your business.
With LinkedIn Lead Ads integration on  Zoho Social,
1. Pull-in and retarget people who stop by your business site.
2. Increase your profit potential and overall brand value.
3. Understand the interests of your potential clients and accelerate your online sales process.
4. Pipeline your LinkedIn leads to your sales process by mapping Lead forms with your Zoho CRM. 
You can view and manage a LinkedIn Lead Ad Campaign from within Zoho Social if you are an Admin or Advertiser on the ad account

Getting started with LinkedIn Lead Ads on Zoho Social 

Here are some steps to get started with LinkedIn Lead Ads on Zoho Social.
1. Go to the Lead Forms tab on your Dashboard.

2. Now, hit the Set Up LinkedIn Lead Ads Now button and click on the Connect button to integrate the LinkedIn Ad account to Zoho Social.

3. If you've already connected Zoho CRM with Zoho Social, you will get a pop-up window with two options,
     ->Edit Mapping- Use this option to manually edit and map fields of your Lead Forms to your CRM. To edit,

                                 1. Go to the Lead Forms tab.                               
                                 2. Tap on the Edit Mapping option under Additional Fields Mapped.
                                 3. Alter the fields that you want to map and hit the Update button.
                                 4. Also, to reset the mapping, click on the Reset Mapping option on the bottom left corner of the Edit Mapping window.
If you do not find a specific field, go about creating a field of your choice using the Create Custom Field option.

    ->Proceed- Once you click on the Proceed button, you'd automatically let Zoho Social map the Lead Form fields to your corresponding fields within                               your CRM.

Haven't integrated with Zoho CRM?  

If you haven't linked Zoho CRM with Zoho Social, here are the steps that you need to follow.
1. Head to the Settings tab, and click on Lead Generation option. From the networks displayed choose LinkedIn.

2. Now switch on the toggle button to allow automatic sync between LinkedIn Lead Ads and CRM. This action will push all your LinkedIn leads captured, directly to your Zoho CRM dashboard using the integration with Zoho Social.
3. If this is kept disabled, none of your LinkedIn leads will be pushed into your CRM.

Even if LinkedIn - CRM sync is enabled, you can control mapping of leads from individual LinkedIn lead forms as well. To do this,
1. Head to Posts tab and click on Lead Generation.
2. From under LinkedIn, you can view all the current LinkedIn Lead forms pushed from your connected Ad account.
3. You can toggle on and off next to each Lead form, to give permission to sync the leads back to your CRM. 

 Once you enable the CRM integration for your LinkedIn Profile, Zoho Social will map all your Lead Ads specific to your LinkedIn Ad account to your CRM.
On integrating with CRM for the first time, Zoho Social would pull all your active leads for the past 90 days and put it up for you.

Disconnecting the LinkedIn Ad account

1. Click on the Manage Ad Account button on the top right corner of the page.

2. Tap on the Disconnect option to unlink the ad account associated with your LinkedIn company page on Zoho Social.

Mapping your LinkedIn Form fields to your CRM

When you're trying to capture the data from your LinkedIn Lead Forms and push it to your CRM, it is important that you map each form field back to a corresponding CRM field. Examples of Form fields: Name, Email address, company name, etc.
The 'Last name' field on Zoho CRM is mandatory to be mapped to any of the form fields on your LinkedIn form in order to push the data across to CRM.

How to edit mapping for form fields 

You can edit and map form fields in two ways on Zoho Social. You can either edit the mapping for all Lead Forms or for each individual Lead form.
To edit mapping for all LinkedIn Lead Forms,
1. Click on 'Edit Mapping' under Form Fields Mapped in the Lead Generation tab.
2. Directly map the corresponding form field to any existing CRM field that you've set up already, to change the mapping.
To edit an individual form field,
1. click on the respective form and click on 'Edit Mapping'
2. Click on the pencil icon and map the corresponding form field to any existing CRM field that you've set up already, to change the mapping.

You can add additional fields within CRM and map them to existing form fields, as and when necessary for a particular campaign. Example: adding fields like ad account, campaign ID, etc. 

Monitoring LinkedIn Lead Ads  

Zoho Social allows you to filter out your leads based on the lead status. To do this,
1. Click on the drop-down against the Form Status field and select one from the list of all choices Zoho Social provides.
Here's the list of all categories for sorting your lead ads.
In Review
Not approved
Not delivering

This data is refreshed every 60 minutes.

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