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Work item linking

Linking work items helps you create an association between similar, identical, or inter-dependant work items. This allows you to track and manage those work items that are related to each other and be aware of how the progress of those work items affect each other.

Link work items with similar sets of goals using the default or custom link types. Linking work items in Zoho Sprints comes in default formats. You can use these link types or create new link types based on your custom requirements.  
Supported Plan: Premier

Default link types

Zoho Sprints offers default link types: 
  1. Duplicates: An item could be added as a duplicate entry. In such cases, the duplicate items can be linked to be worked on as a single item. 
    Example: There could be two support tickets for the same requirement. The two could be linked and the development effort combined.

  2. Reference to: One item could serve as a reference to another item due to the similarities that exist between them. Linking these two will help take pointers from one for another.
    Example: A feature, let's say Sheet View, is rolled out for a particular module (Backlog) and the same feature is being developed for another module (Meetings). The previous one could serve as a reference for the latter.

  3. Impacts: When the handling of one item has a cascading effect on other items, the relevant items could be linked to avoid negative impact.
    Example: An item that is created for a developing a sample floor plan for an online floor plan generator is being delayed. This delay impacts the other tasks that follow the finalizing of the sample.

  4. Relates to: Two items can be identified as related to one another due to similarities, impact, or any other unifying factor. Linking them can help track them together.
    Example: A marketing team is running a campaign for multiple products in their suite. The various activities can be linked as items falling in the bucket of campaing.

  5. Depends on: One or more items could be dependent on another. Linking these items will help ensure that the dependency is factored in at all times.
    Example: There's an item that is created for resolving a particular issue in the UI. And that issue is directly involded in two other issues that could as well be handled by fixing this one.

  6. Has bug: When a bug is associated to a task, it is likely because the task is for resolving the issue that exists. For this link type, only items that are identified as bugs can be associated to the item that is identified as task.

  7. Clone as: An item could be a clone of an existing item. Linking these two might help working on them simultaneously.
    Example: When a blog post is being posted on multiple platforms and forums, the item could be cloned for each of the platforms and linked.

  8. Recurred as: This link type can be associated with recurring items (items that are automated to be created repetitively).
    Example: A recurring item can be scheduled for the weekly sprint meetings and those items could be linked.
These link types are defined using a link name and a back link name. Before creating a link type, let's see what is a link name and a back link name. 
What is a link name?
A link name is the action that you give to your link type.  For example, if you have a work item A that depends on item B, then you have to create a link name 'Depends On'. Now, link Item A to Item B with 'Depends On' as the link type. This means Item B is dependent on Item A. 

What is a back link name?
A back link name is the reverse name that you define to your link name. For example, in the above case, Item A depends on Item B. This means Item B "is dependent on" Item A. The reverse action that is done using the link name is defined as the back link name.
  1. Link Name: Has Bug
  2. Back Link Name: Is bug of 
For example: Helen creates an item A 'Test sign up form' and she has relevant items like

Item B - 'Email address field not working',
Item C - 'Phone number field supports characters. Fix the issue,
Item D - 'Team name should not contain symbols'.

Now, the main Item A ( Test sign up form) is under the testing phase. It has been filed with relevant bugs. Now, these bugs (Item A, Item B, Item C, Item D) are bugs of Item A. 

How can these work items be linked?

Items A, B, C, D are all related to the sign-up screen. Here, Item A is the main work item so Helen can create the link type 'Has Bug', and select all the relevant items (Item B, Item C, and Item D). These linked work items   are   automatically added to the back link name 'is bug of' Item A. 

Create new or custom link type

  1. Navigate to   in the upper-right corner.
  2. Click Link Work Items under Manage Work Items.
  3. Click + Link Type.
  4. Enter the Link Name and Back Link Name.
  5. Click Create
You can add a maximum of up to 36 link types including the default link types.

Edit link type

  1. Navigate to  in the upper-right corner.
  2. Click Link Work Items under Manage Work Items.
  3. Select the required link type.
  4. Click  next to the link type.
  5. Modify and click Update

Note: You cannot edit the default link types and back link names.

Delete link type

  1. Navigate to  in the upper-right corner.
  2. Click  Link Work Items under  Manage Work Items.
  3. Select the required link type.
  4. Click  next to the link type.
  5. Click Yes, delete in the pop-up.
  1. You cannot delete the default link types and the back link names. 
  2. Deleting a link type will only delete the linking between the items. The work items will not be deleted.  

Link work items   

Now that you have a list of link types you can start linking relevant work items.
  1.  Navigate to the work item details page.
  2. Select Link Items.
  3. Choose the Project and Sprint Name
  4. Click Link Item and select the relevant work items. 
  5. Choose the Link Type: Select the Link Name or the Back Link Name.
  6. Click Link.   
  1. You can add only 10 link types to a work items. 
  2. You can link only up to five levels of links for a work item. 

  1. Alternatively, you can also click the Link Item  icon   at the bottom of the work item name to directly navigate to the  Link Work Items section in your work item details page. 
  1. Note: Links cannot be circular.
    1. Item A depends on Item B, and Item B depends on Item C , you cannot create a link type 'Depends on' for Item C with Item A.  

Add comments to duplicate items

You can also add comments to your duplicate items directly from the comments section. Type your content in the comments section and click Add to Duplicate Item. The comment is automatically added to your duplicate item as well. 

Edit link type    

You can edit the link type of a work item directly from the work item details page. 
  1. Navigate to the work item details page.
  2. Choose the linked work item for which you want to modify the link type. 
  3. Click   next to the work item. 
  4. Modify the link type.
  5. Click Update.

Delink work items

If you want to remove the linking between two work items, you can do so using the delink option. 
  1. Navigate to the work item details page. 
  2. Click Link Work Items.
  3. Choose the work item that you want to delink. 
  4. Select  next to the edit icon. 
  5. Click Yes, delink  in the pop-up. 
Note Work items will only be delinked and not deleted. If you would like to link it back, you can do so. 

Behavior of 'Depends on' link type  

If you have set "Dependency" as your link type to the work items, you can either move the main item or its dependent items to a closed status. We don't restrict users to reopen or close the dependent items before reopening or closing the main work item to a closed status. You can also modify the status of the dependent work items. 
  1. While updating the status of the work items with dependents, you can either move the main item or its dependents. For example, if you move the main item to a closed status, you can close all its dependents directly from the pop-up.  

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