User Profile in zoho sprints

User Profile

Tracking the performance of a specific user in your team is easier with the User Profile section in Zoho Sprints.

Access privileges
  • Only the Team Owner and Admin can view the profile of all the users in the team and project.
  • A manager can view all the profiles of the users in the projects they manage.
  • Members can view the profile of all the users in the projects and sprints they are involved in. 

How to view the user profile section?

  1. Navigate to the  Users module from the left panel.
  2. Click on the name of the specific user from your project.  
If you want to view the user profile of a member in your team:
  1. Navigate to  in the upper-right corner.
  2. Click All Users
  3. Click on the name of the specific user in your team.
You can also view the user profile section from your sprint details page.
  1. Navigate to Board .
  2. Click View Details next to the sprint name.
  3. Select the  Users tab in the top panel.
  4. Select a specific user to view their profile.

Search projects  

You can view the list of associated projects in the left corner. If there are projects associated, you can search for a particular project and view the user profile. 
  1. Click   (search icon) next to the Associated Projects.
  2. Enter the project name.
  3. Select the project.
You can view both the active and archived projects.

Different types of charts

Work item status  

Tracks the total number of completed work items vs the total number of remaining work items assigned to the user in the project. 

Estimation points status

Tracks the total number of estimation points completed by the user vs the total number of points remaining. 

Velocity meter  

Similar to the velocity chart that tracks the performance of your sprint team, the velocity meter tracks the performance of the user. 

How does it work?

Velocity meter calculates the progress of the completed sprints. Here, the user has been a part of two sprints: 'Shopping cart' and 'User interface'. 
  • X-axis represents the completed sprints.
  • Y-axis represents the number of work items or estimation points.   
The user can view the chart either based on points or the number of work items. 
Let's take a look at the count-based velocity meter.

The user has completed the target in the first sprint 'Shopping cart'. She has completed all 19 of the work items in the sprint. But, in the second sprint 'User Interface' she has not met the target. The average velocity is calculated based on the progress of the user in both the sprints.
Using the velocity meter, the manager can evaluate the performance of the user and assign work items accordingly for the upcoming sprints. And the members can self-evaluate their performance. 

Progress meter

Progress meter tracks four different types of progress of the user. You can view the progress meter based either on the number of work items or points.

Sprint progress: Tracks the total number of work items or points assigned to the user in the associated sprints. 
For example, if the user has a high number of work items in the backlog, then the manager can encourage the user to start working on them by moving the work items to specific sprints.
Status progress:  Tracks the total number of work items or points assigned to the user in each status across sprints. 
The manager can use this chart to track the maximum number of work items that the user has in a particular status. If the user has most work items in the 'To do' status, the manager can help the user manage their workload accordingly.

Work item type progress : Tracks the total number of work items or points assigned to the user in each work item type. 
The manager can use this chart to easily identify the type of work the user is doing. This can help the manager to track the total number of work items or points in different work item types like Stories, Tasks, and Bugs. 
Priority progress:  Tracks the total number of work items or points assigned to the user for each priority level. 
Using this chart, the manager can track the total number of critical issues handled by the user. 
You can also view the total number of work items in your custom statuses and custom work items types.

Start a conversation 

You can chat directly with the user from the Users module or in the User Profile section.   You will find a chat icon   next to the user's name. Click on this icon to start a conversation with the user. 

Export charts

You can export charts in the  .png  format. 
  1. Navigate to  Users .
  2. Select a particular user to view their profile.
  3. Click the  Other Actions  icon next to the chart name.
  4. Select  Export

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