Create your team in Zoho Sprints

Create your team

A team is a group of individuals who work towards a defined target over a designated period of time. So, the organization that you work for is considered a team. In simple terms, a team is nothing but a portal; every team works across different projects.

You will be able to carry out the following actions based on your profile permissions. Click the  Permission Helper  at the bottom of the page to know your profile permissions.

How to create your team?

Create a new team

After you have successfully signed up to Zoho Sprints, you will be redirected to the Team creation page.
  1. Enter your Team name,  Contact Number, and click Create New Team. Only alphanumeric characters are allowed in team names.
  2. Set up a Time Zone for your team based on location.
  3. Click Next.
  4. Choose any of the following:
    • View a Sample Project
    • Take a Tour
    • Create a New Project
  5. Select your Industry and enter your Contact Number to get started.  Disclaimer: Your contact number will be used only for our sales and support purpose.
You can create and own only one team. If you would like to own multiple teams you can ask your team members to create a team, add you as an admin, and later change the ownership. 

If you are part of the team and would like to create a new team for yourself.  
  1. Select your profile in the upper-right corner.
  2. Choose Click to create your own team.
  3. Enter the team name.
  4. Click Create New Team.
If you are looking to edit your team information, check out the team setup procedure.

Access all teams

If you want to view all the teams in a single page:
  1. Select your Profile in the upper-right corner.
  2. Choose My Teams.
  3. Click the Team that you wish to access.

Set a team as default

You can set a Team as default to access it whenever you sign into Zoho Sprints.
  1. Select your Profile in the upper-right corner.
  2. Choose My Teams.
  3. Hover over the team name and click Set as Default.
Your account will be automatically deleted if you are inactive for a period of 180 days. 

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                                                                                            You are currently viewing the help articles of Sprints 1.0. If you are a user of 2.0, please refer here.

                                                                                            You are currently viewing the help articles of Sprints 2.0. If you are a user of 1.0, please refer here.

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