Basics of project in Zoho Sprints

Project terms

What is a project? 

The goals of a team is divided into smaller tasks and are grouped within a project. A project has a predefined set of tasks that are accomplished by the team members. The Team Owner/Admin adds the team members to particular projects and they are in turn assigned to particular sprints inside the project. 

Once you have understood what a project is all about, the next is knowing some common terms before you get started. 

What is a prefix? 

Every project is prefixed and this prefix is used to access them quickly. A prefix is more widely used to call your projects (alternative name for your project). A project is a collection of work items and if you need to call a particular work item from a specific project; every time it's difficult to name the project. This is the place where a prefix gets handy! You can call the project using its prefix and the work items using the same prefix id. 

How does a project prefix look like?
If you name the project 'Categories', by default your prefix will be 'CAT'. This is used to name the work items in your project. For example, if you create a task titled 'Categorize according to the size', then the ID of the task is CAT - I1, and you create a bug titled 'Filter not working', then the ID of the bug is CAT - I2

From the above use case, you can derive how a prefix will look like. You can rename the prefix the way you prefer. For instance, Categories can be prefixed as CAT, CA, CT etc. Every work item in this project will be prefixed as CAT - I1, here I represents the id

What is an estimation type? 

Every work item in your project is defined with estimation points, which is used to measure the size of a work item. Estimation type is used to define a standard estimation point system in your project. Estimation type is defined either by the Admin or the Manager of the project.

Why estimation type is defined for a project?

Agile project management technique works more on the concept - 'Effort of your team'. To define the effort of your team, Agile uses a standard estimation system. Before beginning the work, agile teams spend enough time to estimate the amount of effort and complexity involved in delivering the work been assigned. Estimating a work needs a system that helps team to focus on a standard effort mechanism. This will help the teams to manage every work effectively. A project on the whole needs a standard effort mechanism to define every work that is added and hence estimation type is defined before the actual work starts. 

What are estimation points? 

Estimation points are based on the estimation type that you set while creating your project. It is the measure of effort that you set for every work item in your backlog or sprint. If the estimation points are bigger, then the effort required to finish the work item is more, and vice-versa. It's always better to estimate the work items based on the real effort that you require to complete it. Estimation points can be defined by the person who does the work. It depends on the team, estimation points can either be decided during the planning phase by the admin and the sprint owner or it can be left to the members to decide on the effort required for the work they do.  

What is a project group? 

When there are similar set of projects, you can group them under one category and fetch them easily when required. 

For example, you create three projects: Emailers, Advertisements, and Webinars. These three projects will carry different work items, but are common to Advertising and Marketing domain. So, in this scenario you create a project group "Marketing" and group all the three projects in it.

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