Azure DevOps Extension in Zoho Sprints

Azure DevOps Extension

Azure DevOps is a platform from Microsoft that offers a DevOps tool for developing and deploying software. Install Azure DevOps extension in Zoho Sprints and accelerate the software development process.  


  1. Available Plans :
  1. Starter
  2. Elite
  3. Premier
  4. Enterprise
  5. Zoho Remotely
  6. Zoho One
   2. Azure DevOps account  


To integrate an Azure DevOps account with Zoho Sprints,  
  1. Go to Setup in the upper right corner and click Others under Marketplace .
  2. Click Configure under Azure DevOps .
  3. Check the Terms and Conditions box and click Authorize .
  4. You will be redirected to your Azure DevOps account. Enter your credentials and view the scopes the application has access to.
  5. Accept the terms and conditions and the page will redirect  to Zoho Sprints.
Projects in AzureDevOps will be listed under M y Azure DevOps Projects . The projects mapped with the projects in Zoho Sprints will be listed under Team Azure DevOps Projects .
  1. Choose the organization of the projects you'd like to associate with.
  2. Click Map to Team to map that project.
  3. Click Associate Projects and choose the project to be mapped. If you would like to sync work items, click Sync only Bugs .
  4. Click Update

Attaching Commits 

  1. Navigate to a work item in Zoho Sprints and scroll down to Azure DevOps .
  2. Click the Attach Commit button.
  3. Fill in the required fields and click Update

Attaching Pull Requests

  1. Go to a work item and scroll down to Azure DevOps .
  2. Tap Pull Requests and click the Attach Pull Request button.
  3. Fill in the required fields and click Attach .

You can also use these  Quick commands to attach commits and pull requests from Azure DevOps.

Once you are done with mapping of repositories and associating projects to the repositories, you are all set to start attaching commits and pull requests. Here are the supported commands.   
Work item tagging is supported only through the pull request   "Description"   field.    

#<Project Prefix>- <i/I><Item number>  
Example:    #SP-i30  
Represents the work item ID.  
#workitemid #comment <message1> #comment <message2>  
Example:    #SP-I15 #comment Please share the final build by EOD. #comment Fix the existing issues and update the local build.  
You can add multiple comments to a single work item.  
Add comment for the work item.  
#workitemid #status <status_name>  
Example 1:    #SP-i20 #status Done  
Example 2:    #SP-i20 #status To_be_Tested  
1. If the status name carries multiple words, separate them with an underscore.  
2. Statuses are not case sensitive.  
Update the status of the work item.  
#workitemid #priority <priority_name>  
Example 1:    #SP-i40 #priority Critical  
Example 2: #SP-i42 #priority Should_be  
1. If the priority name carries multiple words, separate them with an underscore.  
2. Priorities are not case sensitive.  
Update the priority of the work item.  
#workitemid #time <hours>h <minutes>m  
Example:    #SP-I52 #time 5h 30m  
Add log hours for the work item.  
  • The email address of the Azure DevOps account should be registered with the Zoho Sprints team only then they can process the commits: #comment, #time, #status, and #priority.   

Advanced commands      

Single command for multiple work items

#workitemid,#workitemid,#workitemid #comment <message>    
#SM-I25,#SM-I42,#SM-I98 #comment Issues are resolved and updated in the local build.  
What happens?  
All the three work items are added with the comment.   

Multiple commands for single work item

#workitemid #comment <message> #priority <priority_name> #time < > h < > m #status <status_name>  
#SM-I34 #comment List out the requirements #priority High #time 5h 3m #status In_progress  
What happens?  
The work item is added with comment and log hours. It is also updated with status and priority.  

Multiple commands for multiple work items

#workitemid,#workitemid,#workitemid #comment <message> #priority <priority_name> #time <>h <>m  #status <status_name>  
#SM-I34, #SM-I45, #SM-I54 #comment List out the requirements #priority High #time 5h 3m #status In_progress  
What happens?  
All the three work items are added with comments, log hours and updated with status and priority.   

  1. You can attach commits and pull requests to a work item only if the Azure DevOps project is associated with the Zoho Sprints project of that work item.
  2. The user should have permission in Azure DevOps profile to view the details page of a work item in Zoho Sprints.

Syncing Work Items

All the work items added in the Azure DevOps account will be automatically be added to the Zoho Sprints Backlog. Fields such as Item Type, Status, Priority, Title, Tags and Description will remain the same if it matches with the data in Zoho Sprints.

Fields Synced from Azure DevOps

Title, Description, Item Type, 

  1. In Azure DevOps once you move the work item to trash, the sync with Zoho Sprints item stops.
  2. The status of the work items depends upon the sprints they are a part of.
  3. All the comments added/edited/deleted from your work items in Azure Devops will reflect in Zoho Sprints. 

Similarly, when a work item is created in Sprints, the creation screen includes the option to add it to Azure DevOps. This enables you to add items to Azure DevOps from your Sprints account.

Fields Synced from Sprints

Title, Description, and Item Type
  1. Only the repositories with "Sync Only Bugs" enabled will be listed in the Create Item window.

  2. Status of the work items will be mapped to the open and closed status in Azure DevOps. 

Dissociating Projects

  1. Go to Marketplace > Others > Azure Devops .
  2. Tap Project(s) Associated and click Remove Project .

Unmapping Projects

  1. Go to Marketplace > Others > Azure Devops .
  2. Click Unmap from Team .

Unplugging the Extension 

  1. Go to Marketplace > Others > Azure Devops .
  2. Click Remove Authorization .

This integration is supported in JP DC.

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