Azure DevOps Pipeline Extension in Zoho Sprints

Azure DevOps Pipeline Extension

Azure DevOps Pipeline is a web service that is used to build, test, and run code projects automatically. Azure DevOps Pipeline extension can now be installed in Zoho Sprints. This installation lets you carry out actions in items, sprints and releases from Azure DevOps Pipeline. It also lets you map builds to work items in Zoho Sprints and view pipeline build details.   

Troubleshooting Azure DevOps pipeline runs by configuring verbose logs or HTTP trace logs will result in sensitive information recorded in the log files. Please do not share them with anyone.

To install Azure DevOps Pipeline extension,  

  1. Go to Settings and click All under Marketplace .
  2. Click Configure under Azure DevOps Pipeline extension.
  3. Set Project and Accessibility controls and click Install Now .
  4. Provide your Azure DevOps Organization name and click Save & Next .
  5. Authorize the connections and triggers. While authorizing the Azure DevOps Connection, create PAT from Azure DevOps by using the scopes mentioned below  
  1. Build.Read
  2. Code.Read
  3. Extensions.Read&Manage (Portal owner only)
  4. Project and Team.Read
  5. Service connections. Read,query&mange(Portal owner only)



  1. Choose the projects to be associated from Azure DevOps and click Associate .  

  1. When you install the Azure DevOps Pipeline Extension, the Zoho Sprints extension in Visual Studio gets installed automatically. The latter should not be installed directly from the Visual Studio marketplace.
  2. The Zoho Sprints Task actions can be carried out only for the associated projects.  

Common task parameters in Azure DevOps Pipeline  

Once the installation is successful, you can Create and Update work items, sprints and releases from your Azure DevOps pipeline in Zoho Sprints. You can refer to the list below to know about the format in which the data has to be entered. Click here to take a look at the gif to retrieve that data.
Project Number
Sprint Number
Item Number
Release Number
2022-05-20T00:00:00Z (UTC Format)   

Here's a gif to help you in retrieving project number, sprint number, item number and release number from your Zoho Sprints account.

Tasks :

  1. Add a Feed Status in Zoho Sprints
  2. Add an Item comment in Zoho Sprints
  3. Add a Sprint comment in Zoho Sprints
  4. Complete a Sprint in Zoho Sprints
  5. Create an Item in Zoho Sprints
  6. Create a Release in Zoho Sprints
  7. Create a Sprint in Zoho Sprints
  8. Start a Sprint in Zoho Sprints
  9. Update an Item in Zoho Sprints
  10. Update a Release in Zoho Sprints
  11. Update a Sprint in Zoho Sprints
For the extension to work, it needs to be enabled from Zoho Sprints. Once the Azure DevOps Pipeline is installed in Zoho Sprints, Zoho Sprints extension gets automatically installed in your Azure organization.  

Task Parameters  

Work Items in Zoho Sprints

The following are the fields you'll encounter while you create or update work items from your Azure DevOps Pipeline task.
  1. Project : Provide a Project Number
  2. Sprint : Specify the Sprint number (0 means Project Backlog)
  3. Item Number : Provide the Item number of the item in which the fields need to be updated.
  4. Name : Enter the name of the work item
  5. Description : Describe your work item
  6. Status : Specify the status of the work item
  7. Type : Specify the work item type, e.g.,Task
  8. Priority : Set the work item priority, e.g., High
  9. Start Date : Specify work item start date, e.g., 2022-08-13T00:00:00Z
  10. End Date : Specify the work item end date. It should be greater than the start date, e.g., 2022-09-13T00:00:00Z
  11. Item Assignee : Provide the email addresses of the item users (separated by commas)
  12. Estimation points : Mention the index of the estimation points set for the item, e.g.,The index of 2 in a Fibonacci estimation type is 2 and the index of 8 will be 5.
  13. Comment : Type the comment to be added for that work item
  14. Duration : Time spent on that work item,e.g., 2hrs 50min
  15. Custom Fields : Specify the custom field values here.  If there are multiple custom fields, they should be mentioned in a new line.
UDF1_TEXT=text value  

Sprints in Zoho Sprints 

The following are the fields you'll encounter while you create,update, start or complete sprints from your Azure DevOps Pipeline task.
  1. Project : Mention the project number.
  2. Sprint : Mention the sprint number.
  3. Sprint Name : Provide a name to the sprint.
  4. Description : Describe the sprint
  5. Scrum Master : Mention the email address of the scrum master
  6. Sprint Users : Provide the email addresses of the sprint users (separated by commas)
  7. Start Date : Specify the sprint start date, e.g., 2022-08-13T00:00:00Z
  8. End Date : Specify the sprint end date, e.g., 2022-08-13T00:00:00Z
  9. Duration : Mention a tentative duration of the sprint. A sprint duration cannot exceed 8 weeks when strict scrum is enabled. And if strict scrum is disabled, it can last up to 30 weeks, e.g., 2hrs 50min
  10. Comment : Type the comments to be added to that sprint 

Releases in Zoho Sprints  

The following are the fields you'll encounter while you create or update releases from your Azure DevOps Pipeline task.  
  1. Project : Enter the project number
  2. Release Name : Provide a name to the release
  3. Release Goal : Describe the purpose of release
  4. Start Date : Enter the starting date of the release, e.g., 2022-08-13T00:00:00Z
  5. Release Date : Enter the release date, e.g., 2022-10-13T00:00:00Z
  6. Owners : Mention the email address of the owner separated by commas
  7. Release Stage : Specify the stage in which the release is currently in, e.g., PLAN
  8. Custom Fields : Specify the custom field values here. If there are multiple custom fields, they should be mentioned in a new line.
UDF1_TEXT=text value

Associating Build from Azure DevOps 

  1. Go to a work item and click the Azure DevOps Pipeline icon on the right corner.
  2. Click Associate Build button.
  3. Enter the preferred criteria and click Find .
  4. Choose the build(s) to be associated and click Associate

View Azure DevOps Pipeline's Build Status

  Check the Azure DevOps pipelines by clicking CI/CD on the top corner and selecting Azure DevOps Pipeline . You can view the logs of each pipeline by clicking the View Logs button.


These pipelines can also be viewed based on a particular criteria. Click on the top right corner, set the criteria and click Apply Filter .

Disabling Azure DevOps Pipeline    

To disable the plug-in temporarily, go to Settings > Marketplace > All > Azure DevOps Pipeline > Disable  
To uninstall the extension permanently, go to   Settings > Marketplace > All > Azure DevOps Pipeline > Uninstall  

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