Zendesk Extension in Zoho Sprints

Zendesk Extension

Addressing customer issues and catering to their requests are important for running a business. The engineering team should have access to the customer queries to get a better understanding of the issues. With the Zendesk extension, you can achieve this by linking the customer tickets from Zendesk to your work items in Zoho Sprints.  

To enable this extension,

  1. Go to Settings and click All under Marketplace .
  2. Click Zendesk for Zoho Sprints.
  3. Check the privacy preferences and click Install.
  4. Choose your project and accessibility preferences and click Install Now.
  5. Enter your Zendesk domain name and click Save & Next .
  6. Authorize the connection and triggers. 

To use this extension,  

  1. Navigate to Zendesk , click the ticket raised by the customer and click the Associate Item button on the right.
  2. Select the project and the sprint to which the item belongs and click Associate Item . You can also search for a particular item.
  3. Your work item is now associated with the ticket in Zendesk.

You can also create a new work item in Zendesk, and add it to Zoho Sprints.  
  1.  Navigate to a ticket in Zendesk, and click Add Item .
  2. Fill in the details and click Create

This will automatically associate the work item to the ticket.
  1.  Comments can be added from Zoho Sprints to Zendesk and vice versa.
  2. Status updates from Zoho Sprints will be available as comments in the tickets.
To check the Zendesk tickets in Zoho Sprints, go to a work item and click the Z icon on the right. You can view the tickets listed on the right.  

Dissociating Work items  

To dissociate work item from a ticket,  
  1. Go to the ticket and click Dissociate Item

You can also enable this extension for a specific project, profile, or user role. To do so,  
  1. Go to the Zendesk extension in Zoho Sprints.
  2. Select the specific project, user, and their profile.
  3. Click Update

Disabling Zendesk  

  1. To disable the plug-in temporarily, go to Settings > Marketplace > All > Zendesk > Disable
  2. To uninstall the extension permanently, go to Settings > Marketplace > All > Zendesk > Uninstall .

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