Import your JIRA data to Zoho Sprints

Import your data from JIRA to Zoho Sprints

As a first step, you will have to configure your JIRA account with your team in Zoho Sprints to which the data has to be imported.

 A few key points to know before you start to import
  • Only a Team Owner or Admin can carry out the configuration.
  • If you do not have a  dedicated Zoho Sprints team, you will not be able to configure your JIRA account with us. Write to to subscribe to Zoho Sprints.
  • If you are on a free plan, you will only be able to import for 15 days from the day you activated your plan. You can upgrade your account to continue importing data when the trial expires.
  • You cannot import more than 25 projects at a time.
  • You cannot schedule multiple sequential imports at the same time. 
  • JIRA import is not supported for Zoho One accounts. 
  • JP DC is supported.
Field mapping

The JIRA field equivalents in Zoho Sprints are given below:

JIRA Fields
Zoho Sprints Fields
Project Categories
Project Groups
Work Logs
Log Hours
Issue Type
Item Type

Step 1  : Enter the JIRA domain name

  1. Navigate to  .
  2. Click JIRA from Imports  in the left panel.
  3. Copy and paste your JIRA portal name in the textbox.
  4. Click Continue.

Step 2  : Configure JIRA account

You will receive the application URL and keys to configure your JIRA portal to Zoho Sprints. 
  1. Click  Take me to JIRA Configuration.

Step 3  : Link JIRA and Zoho Sprints  

You will be redirected to JIRA. Log in with your JIRA credentials and enter the details that are mentioned in the JIRA Application Form 1 and JIRA Application Form 2
  • Copy and paste the  Application Link  from Zoho Sprints.
  • Click Create New Link.
  • Enter the Application Name. * The Application Name is user-defined.
  • Enable the Create incoming link checkbox. * This is mandatory.
  • Click Continue  
Once you click Continue, you'll be taken to the next step. 
  • Copy and paste the Consumer Key, Consumer Name, and Public Key in Link Applications form as shown in the image below.
  • Click Continue.

Step 4  : Authenticate Zoho Sprints to enable import  

  1. Select I'm done with the Configuration.
  2. Enable the authorization check box to let us access your JIRA account and save the credentials to Zoho Sprints. * Zoho Sprints believes in transparency and we will not save your credentials without your consent. By enabling this check box, you let Zoho sprints to communicate with JIRA to initiate the import.
  3. Click Allow Access.
  4. Click  Allow to authenticate Zoho Sprints. 
Once both the applications are linked, you will be able to import the projects from JIRA to Zoho Sprints.  

Step 5 :  Import projects  

All the projects in your JIRA portal will be listed in the Import section.
  1. Select up to 25 projects from the list.
  2. Click Import.
  3. Enable the checkbox to send an email notification to all the new users in the project. 
Once the import is scheduled, you will receive an email. You can schedule the next import only after the previous import is complete. 


Modify email visibility in JIRA

Problem: If you are unable to import the project users, you might have to check the email visibility in JIRA. Let's see how to enable the setup in JIRA.
  1. Navigate to
  2. Select "Anyone" in the Contact Section against the Email Address field. (Currently, it will be enabled as 'Only to you and admins'. Modify to 'Anyone')
Once the import is successfully accomplished, all the JIRA users can login using their individual credentials and restore the Email Visibility using the above steps. 

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