MS Teams Integration Zoho Sprints

MS Teams

MS Teams can uplift your team work by making collaborations effortless. You can add Zoho Sprints as a tab in your Teams platform and manage work items across your backlog and board.  Get to know  about Zoho Sprints before you start with the integration. 
Access privileges
  • Available in all the plans. 
  • Team Owner, Admin, Manager, Member can access this feature.
  • Sign in either using your Zoho account or MS Office 365 account. 

Add Zoho Sprints tab in MS Teams 

  1. Log in to your Microsoft Teams  account. 
  2. Click Get Apps at the bottom-left corner.
  3. Search for Zoho Sprints.
  4. Install Zoho Sprints for one particular team.
  5. Clickin the upper-right corner and select Zoho Sprints to add it as a tab.  
  6. Sign in either using Zoho Sprints or MS Office 365.  
  1. If you haven't signed in to your account, you will be redirected to the Sign In screen where you can sign in either using Zoho Sprints or MS Office 365. 
  • If you're already signed in, you will be redirected to the Team Selection screen where you can choose a team.

Add new team  

If you have not created any teams in Zoho Sprints, you can create it within the MS Teams platform. 
  • Click Create New Team . Refer the help article to create a new team in Zoho Sprints.  


Add modules as tabs

You can add either the Backlog or Board modules as a tab in MS Teams. 
  1. Select the Team, Project, and Module
  2. Click Save.

You can directly create a new project from the MS Teams platform. Click Create new project link to navigate to the project creation page in Zoho Sprints.  

Work with the tabs

Once you have saved the module as a tab, you can directly select the tab and start working with the items. 

Backlog view

This is the Backlog tab where you can:
  1. Create new work items and sprint.  How to create work items in Zoho Sprints? 
  2. Move work items from sprint to backlog or vice-versa.
  3. Modify work items in bulk.
  4. Start a sprint. Read more
  5. Edit or delete sprints.
  6. Drag and drop items as subitems.
  7. Search for work items in Project Backlog.
  8. Add estimation points

Board view 

Lists all the work items on your board across different statuses. Learn more about scrum board.
  1. Add new work items to an existing sprint. Read more.
  2. Drag and drop work items to different status columns.
  3. Switch between your active sprints.
  4. Move existing work items from your project backlog to your current sprint.
  5. Move existing work items from your active or upcoming sprints to your current sprint.
  6. View work items by sorting them into swimlanes.
  7. Start and stop the timer for work items. 

Error and troubleshoot

Error 1 "You don't have permission to view this page." 
Let's say Helen adds the board module to MS Teams and ends up with an error saying "You don't have permission to view this page." What can be done? 


Contact your admin to get you added to the respective team, project, or sprint.  You can also add users to Zoho Sprints and manage your work effortlessly.  

Error 2 "Sorry, but you don't have access to update this tab."

Cause of the error 
  1. You are not a part of the team or project.
  2. You are not a part of the sprint.
  1. You can contact your administrator to add you to your respective project.  
  2. You can contact your admin, project manager, or sprint owner to add you as a member in the sprint.

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