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Zoho BugTracker Integration

Bugs in software development should be fixed as soon as possible. It is easier to track and fix bugs when they are compiled and listed separately. Integrate your Zoho Sprints account with Zoho BugTracker to track and manage your bugs.
  1. This is currently unavailable in CN DC
  2. Task and Story sync will not be available if the team is integrated with a Zoho BugTracker portal. Please move to Zoho Projects integration to sync Task and Story.


  1. Go to Zoho BugTracker and click Setup.
  2. Scroll down to Marketplace and click Zoho Apps.
  3. Hover to Zoho Sprints and click Configure.
  4. Choose the portal to be integrated and click Map Portal.

Sync Projects

  1. Go to Zoho Sprints and click Projects.
  2. Navigate to Create and click Project.
  3. Fill in the details and check 'Sync To Zoho BugTracker'.
  4. Click Create.

To sync existing projects with Zoho BugTracker,
  1. Go to Zoho Sprints and click Projects.
  2. Hover over a project and then click .
  3. Click Edit.
  4. Scroll down and enable 'Sync To Zoho BugTracker'.
  5. Click Update.

Sync Bugs

  1. Navigate to Backlog.
  2. Choose Create and select + Work Items .
  3. Enter the item name and fill up the other details.
  4. Once you select the Item Types as a bug, Zoho BugTracker option will appear. Enable it and click Create.

Sync Log Hours

It is a two-way sync and users can log hours for the synced work items. You can use this log hour sync to generate invoices for your team members.

Adding log hours in Zoho Sprints

  1. Select the bug.
  2. Navigate to Log Hours.
  3. Click the Log Hours button and fill in the required details.
  4. Click Add.

Log Hour Settings Mapping

Time log settings in Zoho Sprints
Time log settings in Zoho BugTracker
Log Hours Behavior
Submit with Approval

  1. If log hours are approved in Zoho BugTracker, they will be synced with Zoho Sprints.
  2. If the log hour is moved to pending state in Zoho BugTracker, it will be deleted in Zoho Sprints. Once it gets approved, it will be added back in Zoho Sprints.
  3. Log hours submitted in Zoho Sprints will be synced immediately.
PendingSubmit with Approval

  1. Log hours will be added in the pending status from Zoho Sprints to Zoho BugTracker.
  2. If the log hour is approved in Zoho Sprints, then it gets approved in Zoho BugTracker.
  3. If the log hour is rejected in Zoho Sprints, then it gets rejected in Zoho BugTracker as well.
Submit without Approval

  1. Only the log hours approved will be synced to Zoho BugTracker.
  2. Pending log hours when approved from Zoho Sprints will be added to Zoho BugTracker.
  3. Approved log hours when rejected from Zoho Sprints will be deleted in Zoho BugTracker.
  4. If the log hour gets approved in Zoho Sprints but encounters a failure in Zoho BugTracker due to restrictions, it will not get approved in Zoho Sprints as well.
ApprovedSubmit without Approval

  1. Log hours will be added with the status as 'Approved' in both the applications.
  2. If the log hour is rejected from Zoho BugTracker, then it will be moved to the 'Rejected' status in Zoho Sprints.
  3. If the log hour is rejected from Zoho Sprints, then it will be deleted in Zoho BugTracker.

Points to remember when logging time:

  1. Two-way sync for log hours. You can log hours for all the synced work items in both the applications.
  2. The status of the log hours is based on the time log settings predefined in both the applications.
  3. Log hour status (Approve, Reject, Pending) will be synced to Zoho BugTracker if you have enabled the 'Submit with Approval' status in timesheet settings in Zoho BugTracker.
  4. Rejected hours for the synced items will be deleted in Zoho BugTracker if you have enabled the 'Submit without Approval' status in timesheet settings in Zoho BugTracker.
  5. Two-way sync is enabled for edit and delete log hours.
  6. In Zoho BugTracker, if the timesheet settings are restricted to past or future dates:
  7. You can add log hours for the synced work items in Zoho Sprints.
  8. You cannot logged hours in the past or future dates that doesn't fall under the defined settings in both Zoho BugTracker and Zoho Sprints.
  9. Zoho Sprints allows timers to run beyond 24 hours. But if the time logged is beyond 24 hours, it will not be recorded in both Zoho Sprints and Zoho BugTracker due to the restriction limit in Zoho BugTracker.
  10. Any restriction in Zoho BugTracker will not allow the log hours to get recorded in both Zoho BugTracker and Zoho Sprints.
  11. Log hours should have the same billing type as Zoho BugTracker.
  12. The log hours get added in Zoho Sprints only if it is successfully added in Zoho BugTracker.
  13. The log hours get updated in Zoho Sprints only if it is successfully updated in Zoho BugTracker.
  14. All log hour restrictions in Zoho BugTracker applies to Zoho Sprints as well.
  15. If integrated items contain standalone log hours that have valid approval and no restrictions from Zoho BugTracker, they will be added to Zoho BugTracker whenever a field gets updated in Zoho Sprints.
  16. Whenever there are bulk-add actions in Zoho Sprints, the log hours remain recorded in Zoho Sprints despite the restriction in Zoho BugTracker.

Sync Users

User sync is one of the main components in this integration as it helps coordination between the team members to work both in the waterfall and agile model.

Adding user

All the users from Zoho BugTracker will be added to Zoho Sprints but will be under 'Inactive' state. Only the Admin can activate the user in Zoho Sprints. And only after the user confirms the invitation email they can carry out the further operations.  Learn more on how to activate users.
If the user has not confirmed or if the user is in 'Inactive' state in Zoho Sprints, then they:
  1. can perform allowed operations from Zoho BugTracker to Zoho Sprints.
  2. cannot view the operations in Zoho Sprints.

Role Mapping Between Sprints and BugTracker

Zoho Sprints
Zoho BugTracker
Team Owner
Portal Owner
Admin, Manager, Employee, Contractor, Client User
When you add a new user (and client user) in the mapped project from Zoho BugTracker, the user will be added to Zoho Sprints. But at a team level, the user will be added only if they are part of any mapped project. 

  1. User is synced from Zoho BugTracker.  This user has been moved to Active Status in Zoho Sprints and the user has confirmed the email invite. After the user has confirmed, the role is changed as Manager in Zoho Sprints. 
  2. User is synced from Zoho BugTracker. By default, the user has been added to 'Inactive' Status. Only after the confirmation the user will be shown as 'Active.
  3. The client user in Zoho BugTracker should be added to Zoho One to integrate with Zoho Sprints

Editing Users

When you modify the user details from Zoho BugTracker it gets automatically updated in Zoho Sprints. When you modify the project details and add it as a Zoho Sprints project, all the users will be synced to Zoho Sprints.

Deleting Users

You cannot delete a Zoho BugTracker user from Zoho Sprints. Alternatively, you can delete them at a team level but the user will only be moved to 'Inactive' status and will not be deleted. You have to delete the user from Zoho BugTracker to remove them from Zoho Sprints.

Deactivating Users

Deactivating synced users from both the applications will hold the user as an active user and they can perform all the operations.

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