Cumulative Flow Diagram zoho sprints

Cumulative flow diagram (CFD)

Understanding the Cumulative Flow Diagram (CFD)

The Cumulative Flow Diagram (CFD) tracks the progress of the team's work items according to their status. Every work item is tagged with a particular status in the sprint board, and the CFD represents the progress of each status.

The number of work items in your To Do list will not be altered unless a work item has been added or deleted. It will always show the number of work items that have passed through it.

Here's a small example of how this report works.

Imagine your sprint has 10 work items in your To Do status, 0 in In Progress and 0 in Done. The report would show the same when you generate it. If you move two work item to In Progress, the count of the To Do will remain the same however In Progress will be 2 and Done will be 0. If you reopen an item and move it to In Progress, the To do count will still remain the same, since it's not a new item.

  • Track the progress of each status on a daily basis.
  • Know which status holds the most work items.
  • Work to move items from To-do to Done.
  • Identify bottlenecks that slow down the progress of the sprint.

Viewing the chart

  1. Navigate to Reports.
  2. Choose Cumulative Flow from the Sprints Report section.
  3. The X-axis represents the Date, and Y-axis represents the Number of work items.
  4. The legends show the statuses of the sprint's work items.
  5. Select a sprint name to view its cumulative flow diagram.

View sprint

  1. Choose a sprint from Sprints.
  2. Select the statuses and click Get.

Compare status

You can compare the progress of the statuses on the board using CFD.
  1. Click Compare in the upper-right corner.
  2. Select the statuses.
  3. Click Get to compare the progress of the statuses.
You can compare a maximum of five statuses and a minimum of two. 
View the table to track the days and count of work items in each status. Click the date or the item count in any status to view the list of all the work items and the estimation points against each. You will get to know which status holds the most work items.

Only the Team Owner, Admin can view all the sprints. If you are the Manager or Member you can access the CFD only for the sprints you are assigned.

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