Global View in zoho sprints

Default View

Default view lists all the work items in the team across projects, epics, and sprints.  To navigate to Default View, click   in the upper-right corner of your screen. 

Feature Availability:  Professional plan  
  • Open Work Items - Work items in the open status across projects.
  • Closed Work Items - Work items in the closed status across projects.
  • Open Bugs - Bugs in the open status across projects.
  • Closed Bugs - Bugs in the closed status across projects.
  • Work items in Backlog - Work items in the backlogs across projects.
  • Created by me - Work items that are assigned to you.
  • Recently reported bugs - Bugs that were recently reported in the portal. 
  • Recently fixed bugs - Bugs that are recently fixed.
  • Log Hours - The hours logged by all the work items in your portal across projects. 

Types of views

There are two different types of views:

In the  Log Hours section, you can view all the details right from the log owner, billing status to who approved the log hours, date of the log hours etc. These log hours can be viewed based on the following filters,  
  1. All - Lists all the log hours that were recorded generally, for work items and for meetings.
  2. Meetings - Lists the log hours recorded for meetings.
  3. Work Items - Lists the log hours recorded for work items.
  4. General - Lists the log hours that weren't recorded for any module.

Search for work items in global view  

You can also find the work items that you are looking for. 
  1. Navigate to   in the upper-right corner.
  2. Select   next to Item.
  3. Enter the item name or #ID to search for the work item. 
  4. Click on the item to navigate to its details page. (You can also select the other fields to navigate to its details page). 

Customize columns

You can customize the columns by enabling the toggle against the column names. Columns can be switched On or Off , and you can click Save to view only the specified column names.

Filter work items in global view

You can even set filter criteria to search for relevant work items. 
  1. Navigate to  in the upper-right corner.
  2. Choose a section from the view. 
  3. Click   next to the view name.
  4. Set the filter criteria and click Apply Filter .

Add timers 

You can also add timers for the work items in the log hours section. 
  1. Navigate to    in the upper-right corner. 
  2. Select a section from the Default View
  3. Click Start Timer next to the work item name.
  4. Pause or Stop the timer if required. 
Note: You can only start the timer for work items assigned to you. 

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