Audit Logs in Zoho Survey - Online Help Guide

Audit Logs

Audit logs track all the relevant records of significant activities related to surveys, portals, and departments in chronological order. You can find the date and time of action along with the username and the activity in detail. However, the audit logs retain only the latest 180 days history. You can also apply filters to check the activities by user, date, and action. It also captures all the following actions performed in the surveys, portals, and departments—Create, Update, Delete, Download.
Note: Department admins can only view their own and their department members audit logs.

With HIPAA compliance, you can now track all ePHI modifications and export the audit logs into a CSV file as well. However, it is the responsibility of the covered entities to protect and retain the data as per HIPAA requirements.

The Audit Logs track the following activities within the survey builder:


  1. Create, update, delete questions
  2. Delete questions from trash
  3. Create questions in bulk
  4. Delete questions and restore them in bulk 


  1. Create, update, delete pages

Custom variables

  1. Create, update, delete custom variables
  2. Delete custom variables from trash
  3. Delete custom variables and restore them in bulk 


  1. Create, delete tags


  1. Update scoring

Translate survey

  1. Create, update, delete translations

Share survey

  1. Create, delete shared surveys

Copy/transfer survey

  1. Create, delete copy/transfer surveys


  1. Update logic conditions


  1. Download, delete file

Public preview

  1. Activate, deactivate the URL


  1. Create, delete reviewers


  1. Create, update, delete settings and survey preferences

CRM integration

  1. Create, update, delete records

Trigger emails

  1. Create, update, delete trigger emails

Trigger functions

  1. Create, update functions


  1. Create, update, delete connections

Offline survey

  1. Create offline survey

Inline email

  1. Create inline email

Buy responses

  1. Create a research panel

Email distribution

  1. Create an email for survey distribution

Pop-up survey

  1. Create pop-up survey


  1. Update visibility settings


  1. Create, update, delete restrictions

Password protection

  1. Activate, deactivate password


  1. Create (collect), delete responses


  1. Create, update, delete, download (export) reports

Schedule reports

  1. Create, update, delete scheduled reports

Share report

  1. Create, update, delete shared reports


  1. Create, delete filters


  1. Update charts

The Audit Logs track the following activities within the survey setup:

  1. Update portal name

  1. Create, delete department
  2. Update department name
Portal/department user

  1. Activate, deactivate users
White label

  1. Create, update, delete custom domains
Domain authentication

  1. Create, update configuration
Roles and permissions

  1. Create, update, delete roles and permissions

  1. Create, update, delete themes

  1. Open any survey and click Audit Logs in the left pane.
  1. Click Setup in the user info widget.
  2. Click Audit Logs within Portal Setup in the left pane.

  1. Click Setup in the user info widget.
  2. Click Audit Logs within Department Setup on the left pane.

To apply filters to the logs:

  1. Open survey/portal/department Audit Logs.
  2. Click the filter icon in the top-right corner.
  3. Select the user in the Filter by user dropdown list to filter the activities a particular user performed in the survey.
  4. Select a time range in the Filter by date dropdown list to filter the activities for a particular time period.
  5. Select the actions (Create, Update, Delete, Download) you would want to filter for in the Filter by action dropdown list.

To export audit logs as CSV or spreadsheet:

  1. Open survey/portal/department Audit Logs.
  2. Click Export in the top-right corner and select As CSV/As spreadsheet.
  3. Edit the File Name if required.
  4. If you'd like to keep the file protected with a password, turn on the Password knob.
  5. Enter the password in the Enter Password field.
  6. Click Export. Read more on Exports and where to find the exported file here.

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