Zoho Survey | Salesforce Integration

Salesforce Integration

      The Zoho Survey-Salesforce integration empowers businesses to effortlessly sync survey responses, leads, and customer feedback directly into Salesforce. By bridging these platforms, users can leverage comprehensive customer insights gathered from surveys within Salesforce's robust Salesforce system, optimizing sales strategies and enhancing customer relationships for informed decision-making and improved sales performance.

Use Case:

      As a Customer Relations Manager at Zykr Cars, an automobile showroom, you're utilizing Zoho Survey to collect customer feedback. By leveraging Zoho Survey's integration with Salesforce, Zykr Cars seamlessly imports survey responses into their Salesforce CRM. For example, after a visitor completes a test drive of a newly launched sedan, they're presented with the Car Test Drive Feedback survey. New visitor responses are collected as fresh leads in Salesforce, while existing visitor responses, identified by name or contact information, are used to update the existing leads in Salesforce. The sales team utilizes this data to tailor follow-ups for each customer. This integration empowers Zykr Cars to enhance sales effectiveness and foster stronger customer relationships. 

To setup Salesforce integration:

  1. Click the user info widget.

  1. Click on Manage Portal.

  1. On the left pane, click on Apps and Services.

  1. Navigate to Salesforce and click Connect. Make sure you have an account in Zoho Survey and the Salesforce Production environment so you can configure the sync settings

  1. Click Integrate and authenticate your Salesforce Production account.                                                                                            


  1. Login into Salesforce Production.


1. Once the Salesforce integration is complete, the email address associated with the Production account will be displayed in Salesforce

2. To connect with another Salesforce Production account, remove the existing account and then reconnect with the account of your preference. 

To integrate your survey with Salesforce:   

  1. Select the Hub tab. 

  1. Select the Integrations section.

  1. Click Integrate in the Salesforce section. 

  1. Select a Salesforce Object.

  1. Click Next.  

  1. Select an appropriate action type. There are three ways to sync responses with Salesforce: add record, update record, and add/update record. After selecting an action type, you can map the fields of your survey to Salesforce and start transferring data from survey responses to Salesforce.  

      • Add record: Add a new record for each response even if there are duplicate records. 

      • Update record: Update an existing record using the Salesforce unique record ID. Distribute your survey with a unique record ID using module param (sf_contact for contact module) to update the existing records. If you send your survey with a unique record ID, enable Prepopulate survey answers with information from Salesforce. When a respondent opens the survey, the details from Salesforce will be shown and will have an Edit option. For example, if the user's name and email address are already available in Salesforce, they will be displayed in the survey.

        Sample URL for contact module: https://survey.zohopublic.com/zs/QNBz0bw?sf_contact=Test001

      • Add/Update record: When sending the survey to the respondent, the record will be updated based on the Salesforce External ID fields. If a record with an External ID field value exists in Salesforce, it will be updated with the new values. If there are no fields with an External ID attribute, a new record will be created in Salesforce.

    • Map Salesforce fields to the corresponding Zoho Survey questions

    • Under Zoho Survey, click the dropdown and select the questions that will map to a Salesforce field. 

    • Select the corresponding field name under Salesforce.

    • To add direct values to your Salesforce field, select Direct value under Zoho Survey. Type in the corresponding value. If you don't have a suitable Salesforce field already, create a custom field in Salesforce and then map the field to the question.

    • Click + to add a new row.

    • Click X to remove a row. If you have a Signature or File Upload question in your survey, it will appear under Attachment.

    • Select the question in this section to add files to the Salesforce records.

    • To attach individual responses as PDFs in your Salesforce records, select the corresponding checkbox.

    • Click Save.

If a survey is integrated with Salesforce before publishing, all of the responses will be synced automatically. If it's integrated after publishing, only the responses received after the integration will be synced. Update previous responses manually.


  1. The direct values for various fields are as follows:

    1. Checkboxes - true/false/True/False

    1. Date field - Date in YYYY--MM-DD format

    1. Number - Map with a numeric field in the survey

    1. URL - Map with a valid URL format

    1. Individual response URL - Map with the Salesforce URL field

    1. Response start/end time - Map with the Salesforce Date/Time field

      For example, if you want to enable or disable a Salesforce checkbox field from the survey, you can add a direct value and type True

In Salesforce, you will find it enabled like this:

However, if you want to disable that particular checkbox field, you can type in False.

Similarly, for other fields, see how you can map them in your survey.

This is how you will find them in your Salesforce account.

To check the status of your integration:   

Click Salesforce Sync Status in the upper-right corner of the section.  

  1. Successful: Responses that have been successfully integrated into Salesforce

  1. Untried: Responses that haven't been pushed to Salesforce

  1. Failed: Responses that failed to sync with Salesforce

  1. Sync All: Sync all responses at once

  1. Edit a response: Hover over the response and click

  1. View a response: Hover over the response and click

  1. Sync responses individually: Hover over each response and click Sync. 

  1. Delete a response: Hover over the response and click .


The sync status shows when the response was submitted and the IP address from which it was submitted. Corresponding records will be created in the Salesforce Object you selected during the integration.


To remove an integration:   

  1. Click the Hub tab

  1. Click the Integrations section

  1. Click Remove Integration in the Salesforce section

  1. Click Remove

API access in Salesforce:

To learn about API Access in Salesforce, click here.

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