Question Types

Question Types

There are two types of questions: open-ended and close-ended.
  • Open-ended questions are those that allow the respondents to enter any kind of information. A few such response collection tools include Short Answer and Long Answer.
  • Close-ended questions have a limited set of options, and respondents will have to choose answers from those presented. Matrix Choice, Rating Scale, and Multiple Choice Questions are a few examples. Read more here.

Multiple Choice Questions

Use these when you want your respondents to choose one or more options from a fixed number of choices. Learn how to add a multiple choice question.

Rating/Ranking Questions

These are useful when you have a rating scale and you want your respondents to rank a set of possible choices. Remember to make your scale an odd number so there is a middle option. Make sure to keep all scales and labels consistent throughout the survey.

Copy from Other Survey

If you are collecting answers from multiple surveys, you can have your respondents copy their answer from a previous survey. Learn more about this feature.


When you want your respondents to provide a discrete value in their answers. Learn how this works

Contact Information

If you need to collect a respondent's background information, use a Contact Information question. See how this works here.

Matrix Choice Questions

Use these when you want respondents to rate multiple items using the same parameters. Learn how to use a matrix choice question in your survey.

Forced Ranking

When you want to prevent a respondent from choosing the same ranking for more than one variable in a matrix choice question. Read more about forced ranking.

Net Promoter Score (NPS)

These are useful when you want to know if your respondents would recommend your product to others. A Net Promoter Score allows you to measure customer satisfaction and get your product rated within a consistent range of 0-10. Learn how to use NPS in your survey.


This question is used when you want to know your respondents' email addresses. The Email textbox will display an error if any text other than a complete email address is entered. Learn how to add an email textbox to your survey.

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                                                                                      • Is it possible to add a descriptive box after each question so that the respondents can explain what each question is all about?

                                                                                        You can now add hints to your question so that your respondents get a clear idea of what that question is all about. However, this feature is optional and is available only for certain types of questions.
                                                                                      • Is it possible for me to edit or change the question type at any time?

                                                                                         You can edit or change the question type at any point before publishing your survey. As it can affect the responses, we do not support changing the question type after the survey goes live.
                                                                                      • Is it possible to add a tabular open-ended question in my survey?

                                                                                        Sorry, we do not currently support adding tabular open-ended question in Zoho Survey. However, as a workaround, you can try using the Text Field (Heading/Description) question type for the questions and Short Answer/Long Answer question types for ...
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