Embed Your Survey into Your Website with Zoho Survey - Online Help Guide

Website Insert

Post a survey on your website as an embedded survey by inserting the code into your website's code. Javascript and pop-up embeds have been folded into  pop-up surveys  with the introduction of this feature. 
  1. Pop-up Survey
  2. As Embed

Pop-up Survey

Post a survey on your website as a pop-up by inserting the code into your website's code. Javascript and pop-up embeds have been folded into pop-up surveys with the introduction of this feature. Pop-up survey also supports recording data from a URL parameter, a cookie, or a script variable with the help of custom variables. Also, single click submit has been added for radio button questions in pop-up survey.

To create a pop-up survey:

  1. Go to the  Launch  tab.
  2. Click Pop-up Survey in the  Website Insert section. 
Select from the following in the Pages with pop-up section to decide the pages that will show the pop-up:

    1. Show on all pages : To show the pop-up on all the pages
    2. Show on chosen pages : To show the pop-up only on selected pages
    3. URL : Enter the URL starting with '/' 
  4. Click the Data from dropdown list and select one of the following:
    1. URL Param
    2. Cookie Value
    3. Script Variable
  5. Type the name of the variable in the Variable name field.
  6. Click the Custom variable dropdown list to choose the custom variable you want to use. If you haven't created any custom variables yet, click Create Custom Variable to create new ones.
  7. Select from the following in the  Pop-up timing  section to assign a time for the pop-up to occur: 
    1. Immediately after the page loads
    2. After __ seconds on the page
    3. After an exit intent 
    4. After scrolling __ % of the page
  8. Select from the following in the  Pop-up position  section to set an alignment for the pop-up: 
    1. Top left
    2. Top right
    3. Center
    4. Bottom left 
    5. Bottom right
  9. Select one of the following options in the Pop-up height section to set up the height (between 350px and 700px) of the pop-up:
    1. Always keep the height fixed 
      1. Enter the height in the Fixed height field. 
    2. Adjust the height based on the question size
      1. Enter the minimum and maximum height required in the Minimum height and Maximum height fields respectively.
  10. Select one of the following options in the Minimize pop-up section to choose the view when the pop-up is minimized:
    1. Minimize the pop-up only on the current page
    2. Always keep the pop-up minimized until the user maximizes the survey
  11. Select one of the following options in the Close pop-up section to choose the view when the pop-up is closed:
    1. Close the pop-up only on the current page
    2. Do not show this again
  12. Select the checkbox in the Pop-up options section if you want to hide the pop-up when the survey is redirected to a custom end page based on a restriction that has been set up.
  13. Click Generate Code . You can use the generated script on all the pages of your website after the <body> tag. 
  14. Click  Reconfigure to generate the code again. 

Sample Script

<script>(function(w,d,s,u,f,m,n,o){o=' https://survey.zohopublic.com '
m',{});})(window, document, 'script', '/api/v1/public/livesurveys/LKzzHm/popup/
script', 'zs_intercept');</script>

As Embed

To embed your survey on a website: 

  1. Go to the  Launch tab. 
  2. Click  Website Insert  and select  As Embed .  
  3. Select the embed option you'd like to use, then follow the corresponding instructions: 
    1. Click the code in the corresponding box to copy the code to the clipboard. 
    2. Paste the code onto your website. 

To redirect a survey end page to the top window instead of the iFrame window:

When a survey is embedded on a website in an iFrame, you can view the survey end page in the following ways:
  1. A Thank You page that opens within the iFrame. Or,
  1. A Thank You page that expands on to the whole window, (or the top window). You can get this done by appending  "?target=top" at end of the survey URL in the embed iFrame code.

To fix the iFrame window and avoid scrolling:

To avoid iFrame scrolling, you will need to adjust the height and width of your survey based on your current page. For this, we will pass the actual survey height and width for you to resize it. It will be in the following format:
data = { zohosurvey: {

height : surveyHeight,

                     width : surveyWidth,

                     action : "surveySize"

As you receive the message on your web page, you will need to customize the height and width of the iFrame so that it fits well in the window. Once it fits the iFrame, certain functionalities wouldn't work as expected and you will need to handle scroll positions in a similar manner. We will send a script in the following format for you to customize:
data = { zohosurvey: {

action : "moveScroll" ,

position : position}}

Sample Code

You can use this sample code to customize the size of your iFrame:

<iframe src="<survey link>" frameborder='0'
style='height:700px;width:100%;' marginwidth='0' marginheight='0' scrolling='auto'
allow='geolocation' id='iframe-id'></iframe>


var iframe = document.querySelector("#iframe-id"); // change the id based on iframe's id

  function setIframeSize(data){

    if(data.zohosurvey ){

if(data.zohosurvey.action == "surveySize"){

iframe.style.height = data.zohosurvey.height + 'px';

       iframe.style.width = data.zohosurvey.width + 'px'

}else if(data.zohosurvey.action == "moveScroll"){

window.scrollTo(500, iframe.offsetTop + data.zohosurvey.position);} } }

  window.addEventListener('message', function(e) {


} ,  false);


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