Manage Your Surveys in Zoho Survey - Online Help Guide

Managing Your Surveys

Managing your surveys is easy with Zoho Survey. Find your surveys, apply filters, trash, and restore them all in one place. 

To access the My Surveys page:

  1. Click the Zoho Survey logo in the upper-left corner of the page.
  2. If you're an Enterprise user, click the department you'd like to access. The My Surveys page will appear.
  3. To mark a department as default, select Default next to the department. 
  4. You can perform the following actions on the My Surveys page: 
    1. Create Survey
    2. Tags
    3. Filter
    4. Search
    5. Edit
    6. Duplicate
    7. Preview
    8. Publish
    9. Delete


Adding tags will help you find surveys later when you search on the tags. You can create tags in the following places:
  1. Edit survey name
  2. Duplicate survey

To add tags while editing the survey name:

  1. Click the survey name on the top banner.
  2. Type tags for the survey next to Add tag. Separate tags with space.
  3. Click Update. If you're on the My Surveys page, click Create.

To add tags while duplicating the survey:

  1. Hover over the survey you want to duplicate on the My Surveys page and click Duplicate.
  2. Type tags for the survey next to Add tag. Separate tags with space.
  3. Click Create.


Apply filters to manage your search results. When you apply a filter, Zoho Survey shows the filter that has been applied. Click Clear Filter to clear that filter. You can apply the following filters on the My Surveys page:
  1. All: all of your surveys 
  2. Published: all published surveys 
  3. Drafts: surveys that have been saved as drafts 
  4. Closed: surveys that have been closed 
  5. Shared by Me: surveys that you have shared with others 
  6. Trashed: surveys that have been moved to trash 
    Filter survey

To filter by tags:

You can also filter surveys by using tags and find surveys associated with the tags on the left pane of the My Surveys page. You can also remove the tags by clicking Create online surveys, next to the tag.

You can find surveys easily by typing keywords into the search bar on the My Surveys page.
Create online surveys


Edit your surveys at any time. Remember, carefully crafted surveys will produce more accurate results.

To edit a survey:

  1. Hover over the survey name and click Create online surveys. You'll be taken to the survey editor.
  2. Edit the survey as needed. Remember to save the changes on each page.


You can copy a survey as many times as you'd like. Customize the survey name or use the one suggested by Zoho Survey.

To duplicate a survey:

  1. Hover the mouse over the survey you want to duplicate and click Create online surveys.
  2. Type the new survey name.
  3. Type tags for this survey next to Add tag. Separate tags with space.
  4. Click Save.


Use the Delete function to remove unused surveys. Deleted surveys are first moved to your Trash and can be restored later, if needed. You can also delete them from the  trash to remove them permanently.
To move a survey to the trash, click Create online surveys to the right of the survey name to move that survey into the trash.

To find deleted surveys: 

Click the filter icon on the My Surveys page and select Trashed. You can see the list of trashed surveys here.

If you want to remove a survey permanently, delete it from the trash.

To delete an item permanently:

  1. Click the filter icon on the My Surveys page and select Trashed.
  2. Hover over the survey you want to delete and click Create online surveys. A confirmation dialog box will appear.
  3. Click Yes, Delete This Survey. You need to manually delete each survey.

To restore a survey from trash:

  1. Click the filter icon on the My Surveys page and select Trashed
  2. Hover over the survey you'd like to restore and click Create online surveys. You need to manually restore each survey.

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