Zoho TeamInbox Settings

General Settings

Customize Zoho TeamInbox interface the way you want it to be, manage teams and users from Settings. To go to Settings, click on your Avatar on the top right corner and select Settings. Here's all that you can do under Settings.

Set your preferences

Dark mode

Turn this option on to switch your interface to dark mode or the night mode, thereby reducing your screen brightness.

Desktop notification

Turn this option on to be notified about incoming messages and other activities even when on a different tab on your browser. Make sure that you have allowed notifications for the application in your browser.


Choose the color that is the most appealing to you from our palette and set it as the theme for your interface.

Conversation view

Set here how you want to view conversations in threads. Select between Newest messages on the top and Oldest messages on the top.

Default organization

You can belong in multiple organization. Select the default organization where you always want to land after logging in.


Choose the font you are most comfortable reading in. The default font is Lato.

Display Language 

Choose a language for your interface. This will be the default language. 

Secure Downloads

Enable this option to provide passwords for your downloaded files and keep them protected. Zoho TeamInbox does not save your passwords, always remember them to access files.

Send and Archive button as default 

Turn this option on to have the Send and Archive window as default in your compose email.

Manage your teams

All the teams that you belong to are listed here. You can view the team details and manage team members and team settings. Add rules, signatures and tags from here.

Click on the teams to view inboxes created under them. Also, manage inbox members and settings.

Manage your teams

Manage organization members

View the list of all the members belonging in your organization. If you have the admin access, you can edit member roles from here.

Invite new users to your organization. Enter their email addresses and click Invite. They will join the organization after accepting the invitation sent via email. When users join an org, their default role will be 'Org Member', which you can change anytime. 

Manage organization members

Managing sender addresses 

View the list of all the sender addresses created in your organization. If you have the admin access, you can create sender addresses from here.

Creating a sender address 

  1. Log in to Zoho TeamInbox with your admin credentials. Navigate to your organization settings. 
  2. Select the Sender Address tab and click Add Sender Address. 
  3. Enter a name for future reference. 
  4. Select the Outgoing Mail Provider. For Microsoft accounts, you can verify the sender address via Oauth. 
  5. Enter the email address. 
  6. If you want to use custom SMTP, check the option, enter the outgoing server details and the account credentials. 
  7. If choose not to use custom SMTP,  Zoho SMTP will be used. However you should configure DKIM for your domain to ensure deliverability
  8. Select the inboxes that can use this sender address. 
  9. Click Add

For addresses other than Outlook and Office 365, a verification code will be sent to your sender address. Paste it here to verify. 

You can now use this address while composing emails. 

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