Setting Up Rules for Teams | Zoho TeamInbox

Rules for automation

Rules let you automate actions that you might perform repeatedly. You should just define the workflow, automate it, and you're all set. 

Only the team admin can create a rule for the team

Every rule consists of three parts:

  • Trigger - defines what should initiate the rule. 
  • Condition - defines the criteria that should be met for the rule to take actions.  
  • Action - defines the actions that are to be performed when the condition is met. 

User scenario: 

Let's say you want to assign to yourself all the incoming emails from a specific sender. In this instance, your rule should be as follows: 

Trigger - Inbound messages  

The rule will trigger every time a new message is received in any of the inboxes of the team. 

Condition - From is <sender name>

The rule will now check if the message received is from the sender specified. 

Action - Assign to <your name>

When the above condition is met, the message will be assigned to you. 

Setting up rules

  1. Login to Zoho TeamInbox
  2. From the left pane, mouse over the team for which you want to set up rules, click the  More  icon and click  Manage team .
  3. Select the  Rules tab and click  Add Rules .
  4. Enter a  Name for your rule. 
  5. Define the  Trigger . Following are the triggers you can choose from: 
    • Inbound message - when a message is received. This message can be a reply in an existing thread or a completely new message. 
    • Outbound message - when a new message is sent out. This message cannot be a reply in an existing thread. 
    • Outbound reply - when a reply is sent in an existing thread. 
    • Comment - when a new comment is made on any thread. 

    You can select more than one triggers.

  6. Define the  Condition that is to be met for the rule to perform actions. You can add any number of conditions and choose if you want all the conditions to be met or just any one condition to be met. Following are the conditions you can choose from: 
    • Inbox is - the thread should belong to the inbox you select.
    • Assignee is - the thread should be assigned to the user you select.
    • From - the thread will be filtered based on the sender of the message.  
    • To - the thread will be filtered based on the receiver of the message. 
    • CC - the thread will be filtered based on the people Cc'ed in the message. 
    • BCC - the thread will be filtered based on the people BCC'ed in the message. 
    • Subject - the thread will be filtered based on the subject line of the message. 
    • Message body - the thread will be filtered based on the content of the message. 
    • Has attachments - the thread should contain attachments. 
    • Has no attachments  - the thread should not contain attachments. 

    If you've selected Comment as the trigger, then following are the conditions you can set:

    • Inbox is - the thread should belong to the inbox you select.
    • Assignee is - the thread should be assigned to the user you select.
    • Comment content - the thread will be filtered based on the content of the comment. 
    • Commented by - the thread will be filtered based on the member who made the comment. 
    • Mentions - the thread will be filtered based on the members @mentioned in the comment. 

  7. Select the actions to be performed when the above mentioned conditions are met. Following are the actions you can choose from: 
    • Assign to - the thread will be assigned to the teammate you select. 
    • Unassign - the thread will be unassigned. 
    • Archive - the thread will be archived. 
    • Trash - the thread will be moved to trash. 
    • Unarchive - the thread will be unarchived. 
    • Notify teammates - the user you select will be notified about the rule. 
    • Apply tag   - the tag you select will be applied to the thread. 
    • Remove tag the tag you select will be removed from the thread. 
    • Add followers   - members you select will be made followers of the thread. 
    • Reply with - select a response template to be sent out when the condition is met. 

    You can add any number of actions as needed. 

  8. Click  Create.

Once you save your rule, it is active and will start processing. You can stop the rule anytime by clicking  Disable  next to it, which can be enabled when needed.  
The rules will be executed in the order of their listing.  

You should have admin permission for the team to create or  edit rules 

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