Zoho Vault for Android

Zoho Vault for Android

Zoho Vault provides a native Android app that gives you access to your passwords from anywhere, even when you're on the move. The app keeps your data as secure as the web version of Zoho Vault, with: 

  • AES 256 encryption 
  • Secure communications through HTTPS over TLS 
  • Multi-factor authentication 

App details

Supported devices

Android devices


Android v4.4 or later


9.2 MB

Languages supported 

English, French, Dutch, Spanish, Japanese, Portuguese - Brazil, Chinese - simplified

Getting started 

  1. Find and Install Zoho Vault from the Play Store
  2. Authenticate with your Zoho account or Identity Provider(IdP), then set up a master password for your vault. You will need this master password to unlock your vault.
  3. Get started by adding all your passwords and other sensitive data.

Adding a new password

  1. Click + from the bottom-right corner of the Passwords page.
  2. Save passwords of websites from the popular options displayed in the Websites tab. To save other types of sensitive data, tap Other Categories. 
  3. Fill the required details, then tap Save.
Note: You can use our built-in password generator to generate unique, strong passwords for all your accounts.

Editing a password

Tap the Password you wish to edit, then tap Edit from the top-right corner. 

Sharing and deleting passwords

You can share or delete passwords in two ways: 

  • Tap on the password of your choice, then tap Share Password or Delete accordingly. 
  • Tap and hold to select one or more passwords to perform these actions on multiple passwords.

Managing Passwords

  • To mark any password as favorites, tap the Password, then select Add to favorites.
  • Use filters to sort the passwords in your account. Select a filter (For example: Favorites, recently used, personal passwords) from the top-left corner of your Passwords tab to filter your data accordingly. You can also sort your passwords based on their categories.
  • View a file attachment by tapping on the file icon from the Password details page.

Accessing App Shortcuts
(Supported from Android v7.1 and above)

Add shortcuts to your home screen for frequently performed actions in Vault. To add a shortcut:

  1. Tap and hold your Zoho Vault app.
  2. Drag and drop any of the four different shortcuts displayed (Add Password, Favorites, Search, and Password Generator) to your home screen.  
  3. Tap the shortcut to perform the corresponding operation. 
Note: You can only access shortcuts after logging in to your app.

Creating Folders

  1. Click + from the bottom-right corner of the Folders page.
  2. Enter a folder name, then add passwords to the folder accordingly.
Note: You can create a folder as a subfolder of an existing folder as well.

Viewing Folders 

Access all the folders stored in our web application from the Folders tab. You can view all your passwords grouped under these folders and access all of them accordingly. 

Manage Access Requests

You can approve or reject password access requests from users by following these steps:

  1. Tap the Approvals tab 
  2. Access Approval Requests to view all password access requests waiting for your approval. Approve or reject requests based on the reason specified for access.
  3. View the status of all your access requests from My Requests.
Note: You can also raise an access request for a password from the Passwords tab.

Access passwords offline 
Zoho Vault allows you to access your passwords even when you're offline or when your network connection is poor. All passwords that were accessed earlier when you were online can be accessed when you go offline. 

Note: Offline access will only be available after your first successful login with Vault. 

Autofill passwords and auto log in to websites

  1. Tap the Settings tab, select General, then enable Autofill.
  2. Follow the on-screen instructions to allow Zoho Vault to autofill your passwords across apps and websites.
  3. Alternatively, select a password and tap the auto-login icon from the URL field to automatically log in to the website using our in-app browser.

Manage Settings

Configure additional features from the Settings tab to increase the efficiency of your app.





  • Show favorites by default: Enable this option to view your favorite passwords from the Password tab by default

  • Appearance: Switch between the light and dark mode, or set your theme based on your device settings by selecting System Default (Android v.10 and above) or Set by battery saver (Android versions between 5.0 and 9)

  • Autofill: Enable this option to let Zoho Vault autofill your passwords across websites and applications


  • Lock on exit: Enable this option to lock Zoho Vault immediately after you exit the app. 

  • Lock Vault when device gets locked: Enable this option to lock Vault whenever your device gets locked

  • Auto-lock timeout: Determine how long your app should remain active when you access other apps or stay inactive with Vault (1 minute to 10 minutes, or Never). For security reasons, we recommend against choosing Never. 

  • Swift login: Enable this option to access the app with your fingerprint, face ID, a custom pin, or your device's screen lock.

  • Clear Clipboard: Set how long the items you copy remain in your clipboard. (15 seconds to 2 minutes). We recommend you to set a lower value, if possible.

  • Stay signed in: Set how long the app should remain signed in to your Zoho account. (One day, one week, two weeks, one month, always). 

   Password Generator

Use our built-in password generator to generate unique, strong passwords for all your accounts. 


  • Share Usage statistics and share crash reports: Share your usage statistics (for example: features accessed), and crash reports (crash logs) with us to help us enhance the application's performance and app stability. Your data will be sent anonymously to us and will never be shared with outsiders.

  • Clear cache: Select this option if you wish to delete your cache used for offline access

Uninstalling the app

To remove the Zoho Vault app from your device:

  1. Log out from the application by selecting the log out button next to your profile from the Settings tab.
  2. Access Zoho Vault from the Play Store.
  3. Tap Uninstall

Once the application is uninstalled, all your Zoho Vault data on the device will be removed. 

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