Integration With Azure Active Directory (AD) | Zoho Vault

Integration with Azure Active Directory

Zoho Vault can easily be integrated with Microsoft's Azure Active Directory for efficient collaboration and user management. With this integration, you can manage users' access to Zoho Vault from your Azure AD portal, and allow users to access Zoho Vault with their existing Azure AD credentials. This integration involves four steps:

  1. Adding Zoho from the Azure gallery
  2. Configuring Azure AD Single Sign-on
  3. Assigning access to users 
  4. Accessing Zoho Vault
Note: Only super admins can configure Azure AD Single Sign-on for their organization.


  • A valid Azure subscription
  • A Zoho Vault account with Enterprise Edition license
  • Completion of the first step of Domain Configuration, as shown here

  1. Log in to the Azure portal and click Azure Active Directory from the left panel
  2. Select Enterprise applications under Manage, then click All applications.

  3. Click New Application to add your application from the gallery.

  4. Search for Zoho and add it from the search results by clicking Add.

Configuring Azure AD Single Sign-On

  1. Access your Azure portal and navigate to Azure Active Directory >> Enterprise application >> All Application.
  2. Search for Zoho, then click Add
  3. Under Manage, select Single Sign-on and set your single sign on mode to SAML

  4. Edit the Basic SAML Configuration section with the following details. 

    Identifier -
    Relay State aHR0cHM6Ly92YXVsdC56b2hvLmNvbV9fSUFNX19ab2hvVmF1bHQ=
    Reply URL -<YOUR_ORG_ID>
    Sign on URL<YOUR_ORG_ID>?serviceurl=


  • Replace with | | | to match your corresponding domain.
  • Replace <YOUR-ORG-ID> with your unique ORG ID.
  1. Edit the SAML Signing Certificate field to download the Base 64 certificate

  2. Copy the details of the Login URL, Azure AD Identifier, and Logout URL from the Set up Zoho section for your reference.

  3. Log in to your Zoho Vault account as the super admin, select Settings, click AD/LDAP Integration from the Integrations section, then select SAML Configuration.

  4. Select Enter the IdP details manually, then enter the Login and Logot URL details from the Azure portal in the corresponding fields in Zoho Vault.
  5. Upload the certificate downloaded earlier (extension must be .cer) and select RSA for the algorithm
  6. To automatically create new Zoho accounts when users authenticate with Zoho Vault through Azure AD, enable Just in time provisioning.  
  7. Click Save and Enable

Assigning Access to Users

  1. Access your Azure portal and navigate to Azure Active Directory >> Enterprise application >> All Application
  2. Select Zoho
  3. Under Manage, select Users and Groups

  4. Click Assign

Accessing Zoho Vault

Users can log in to Zoho Vault using one of the following options:

  • Entering their email on Zoho Vault's login page, which will redirect them to Azure's authentication page.
  • Accessing Zoho Vault application from their Azure console.
  • Using the login URL copied from step 6 of Configuring Azure AD Single Sign-on, mentioned above.

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