WorkDrive Integration with other Zoho apps (Essentials Plan)

Zoho WorkDrive - Essentials Plan

Zoho WorkDrive is an online file management and collaboration platform. WorkDrive's Essentials plan will be bundled with other Zoho apps for free to enable a contextual integration.

You must set up your WorkDrive account to create, store, share, and manage files and folders within the integrated apps. When you perform the setup, all users from the integrated Zoho apps' account will be added to your WorkDrive account automatically.

If you're already part of a paid WorkDrive plan, either separately or as part of the Zoho One or Workplace bundle, you can map the existing WorkDrive account with your integrating app.

Currently, WorkDrive only supports contextual integration with Zoho Projects, and that too for new Projects accounts created on or after December 15, 2020. For existing Projects accounts, we will gradually open this feature in a phased manner.


The WorkDrive Essentials plan account does not have any storage on its own. The Zoho apps that are integrating with WorkDrive's Essentials plan account will provide their existing storage. The storage provided by all the integrating apps will be consolidated and shown as the total allocated storage in WorkDrive.

Users can buy storage add-on (10GB, 100GB, or 1TB) within their WorkDrive account for any additional storage.


The following features are available in the WorkDrive Essentials plan.

Team Folders
Team Folders are shared folders used to collaborate on tasks specific to a particular department or project within your team. The Essentials plan only supports Private Team Folders. Only members who have been added to a private Team Folder can access its files and folders.

Team Folders can only be managed from within other Zoho apps. You cannot manage Team Folders in WorkDrive via

Zoho Office Suite
Users can easily create and collaborate on documents, spreadsheets, and presentations using Zoho's Writer, Sheet, and Show apps, respectively.

Easy sharing
Share files and folders (including sub-folders) easily by choosing any of the following visibility options:
  1. Individual collaborators
  2. Anyone in your team
  3. Anyone on the internet
  4. Record or entity based permission (to provide service level permissions)

Supported files

File Preview
Zoho WorkDrive supports preview for 160+ file formats, including audio, videos, images, PDFs, and developer files. View the complete list of supported files for preview.

File Conversion
You can upload files in different formats, such as .docx, .pptx, and .xlsx format, and convert them to Zoho format using Zoho Writer, Sheet, and Show apps, respectively. View all the supported file formats for conversion.

File upload size limit
Users can now upload files up to 1 GB in size.

All your data in WorkDrive is encrypted both in transit and at rest. Learn more about Encryption at Zoho WorkDrive.

Accessing Essentials plan account via
  1. New Team Folders cannot be created.
  2. Team Folders created via the integrating apps (such as Zoho Projects) cannot be accessed in WorkDrive. You can only find the team folders' listing in the left pane.
  3. You can create and store files in My Folders for your personal use.
  4. Files and folders shared with you by your org members will be listed under Shared with Me.
Upgrade WorkDrive for additional features

You can upgrade your WorkDrive account from the free Essentials plan to a paid plan anytime for additional features. Once you upgrade, you will be able to use WorkDrive as a complete file management and collaboration tool, and you can use desktop sync apps (WorkDrive Sync and WorkDrive TrueSync).

Check out the available WorkDrive plans and their pricing here.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Which Zoho apps currently support integration with WorkDrive?
    Only Zoho Projects currently supports integration with WorkDrive.

    - If you already have a paid WorkDrive team account, you can directly map your Projects account with that WorkDrive account.
    - If you don't have a WorkDrive account, a new WorkDrive team account will be created automatically with the Essentials plan for free. All Projects users will be added to the WorkDrive account.

  2. Does the WorkDrive Essentials plan provide any storage?
    WorkDrive Essentials plan does not provide any storage. Zoho apps that are bundled with the Essentials plan account will provide their storage to WorkDrive.

  3. Can I purchase additional storage in the WorkDrive Essentials plan?
    Users can buy storage add-on for any additional storage. They can also upgrade WorkDrive for higher storage.

  4. Will the WorkDrive Essentials plan always be free?

  5. Can I choose to only upgrade a few users in Zoho Projects to a paid WorkDrive plan?
    When you upgrade your WorkDrive account, all users mapped or added via Zoho Projects will also be upgraded. Upgrading only a few Zoho Projects users or having a mix of subscription plans (i.e, Essentials and paid plans) won't be possible in WorkDrive.

  6. Can I directly add users to my WorkDrive account in the Essentials plan?
    No, you cannot add users directly to your WorkDrive account. You must upgrade your WorkDrive account to a paid plan to add any new users. Currently, only users in the integrated app can be added to WorkDrive.

  7. My WorkDrive account is in the 15-day free trial and I have connected it to a Zoho Projects account. What will happen when the WorkDrive trial is over?
    After the free trial, your WorkDrive account will have the Essentials plan for free. You can create and associate Team Folders from within Zoho projects, but you will not be able to create, view, or manage Team Folders in WorkDrive.

  8. My WorkDrive account is in a paid plan (Starter/Team/Business). What will happen if my WorkDrive subscription is not renewed?
    After the subscription period, your WorkDrive account will have the Essentials plan for free.

  9. How is storage calculated for a paid plan in WorkDrive?
    For a paid WorkDrive plan, a team storage is calculated based on the plan and the number of licenses purchased. Storage of integrating apps (such as Zoho Projects) will not be added to your WorkDrive account.

  10. Can I connect my WorkDrive account which is part of Zoho One to a Zoho Projects account which is not part of Zoho One?
    No. You have to create a new WorkDrive account and connect it with your Zoho Projects account.

  11. My Organization has multiple WorkDrive team accounts. Can I connect multiple WorkDrive accounts to a single Zoho Projects account?

  12. My Organization has multiple Zoho projects accounts. Can I connect a single WorkDrive account to multiple Zoho Projects accounts?

Please contact if you have any queries on the WorkDrive Essentials Plan.

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