Migrate from Dropbox to Zoho WorkDrive

Migrate from Dropbox to Zoho WorkDrive

If you want to migrate your data from Dropbox Business to Zoho WorkDrive, you can make use of our built-in migration tool.

We only support migration for Dropbox Business plans, not for Dropbox personal plans.

Similarly, we only support migration for WorkDrive team plans, not for the WorkDrive individual plan.

Important Questions

How can I start the migration?

  1. The Super Admin or an Admin of the WorkDrive account has to raise a request for migration.

  2. Once we have the requirements, we will enable the migration tool in their WorkDrive account. The Super Admin or Admins will be able to see the migration tool in their Admin Console, and they can start the migration from there. 
Note: The Super Admin or an Admin who initiates the migration will become our point of contact for all migration related activities and issues.

What will happen to my data in Dropbox after migration?
We don't perform any delete operations, all your data in Dropbox will remain intact even after migration.

Please read the migration prerequisites and limitations given below before you proceed with your migration.

Migration Prerequisites

1. Export members from Dropbox
Only the Dropbox Admins can export member data as a .csv file from the admin console. From the Dropbox Admin console, click Members > Export member data > Start export. The file will be as a .csv file. See documentation

2. Update the exported .csv file

Make the required changes in the .csv file to map Dropbox users with different email addresses or users in WorkDrive.

3. Invite Dropbox users to WorkDrive
The Super Admin or WorkDrive Admins should invite Dropbox users to join their WorkDrive account. Only active users can be migrated into WorkDrive. An active user is one who has joined a WorkDrive account and is not in an inactive, suspended, or deleted state. See documentation

Note: Only the Dropbox Team Admin can authorize Dropbox to link to WorkDrive.

Migration Limitations

General Limitations
  1. All your personal files under the Everything Else section in Dropbox will be migrated to My Folders in WorkDrive.

  2. Migration of share permissions (both internal & external) on files and folders is not supported yet. Files and folders under Sharing (shared with you) will not be migrated.

  3. Folders created under App by other applications that are integrated with Dropbox will not be migrated to WorkDrive. Even if you upload or create some files in a App folder, those files will not be migrated.

  4. File size more than 25 GB will not be migrated.

  5. Google native documents (.gdoc, .gsheet, and .gslide) will not be migrated.

  6. Documents and folders from Papers will not be migrated to WorkDrive.

  7. Documents from Showcase will not be migrated.

  8. Data collected from File requests will not be migrated.

  9. Migration per user per service can only be done once.
    1. Any data added to Dropbox post migration cannot be migrated again to Zoho WorkDrive.

    2. Duplicate entries will be not allowed for migration in both Dropbox and Zoho WorkDrive, i.e., neither data from multiple Dropbox accounts can be migrated to a single WorkDrive account, nor data from a single Dropbox account can be migrated to multiple WorkDrive accounts.
In a Dropbox Business team, team admin or user management admin can transfer a deleted team member’s files and folders to another member. You have to transfer the data before you migrate members to WorkDrive.

  1. Folder created time is not available in Dropbox, so any folders that are migrated to WorkDrive will only have the migrated time as as the created time.

  2. File created time is not available in Dropbox, but Last modified time is available and will be migrated as created time to WorkDrive.

  3. If you've shared files with other team members and they've made some changes recently, the last modified user details will not be migrated.
Team Folder Limitations:
  1. Every Team Folder in Dropbox will be migrated as a separate private Team Folder in WorkDrive.

  2. For Team Folders, there are no administrators in Dropbox; but in WorkDrive, at least one Team Folder Admin must be present. So, during migration, the person who runs the migration will automatically become the Team Folder Admin in WorkDrive. This applies even if there is no member in a Team Folder on Dropbox.

  3. Currently, we don't support migration of Groups from Dropbox. Groups added to Team Folders in Dropbox will not be migrated to WorkDrive. Only the members of those Groups will be added individually to the corresponding Team Folders in WorkDrive with the same permission on their Groups.

  4. If a member is part of more than one Group in a Team Folder, the member will be migrated with the highest access permission among all groups to WorkDrive.

Role mapping in Team Folders

Zoho WorkDrive
Can Manage Team Folder Settings (Admin)
Can Manage Team Folder members and files (Organizer)
Can Edit
Can Edit (Editor)
Can View
Can View (Viewer)

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