Labels in Zoho WorkDrive


Labels help you to easily identify and access files and folders across different locations in WorkDrive. You can add labels based on priority, status, task, and much more. Once you add a label to files and folders, you can view all those items under each label.

Some sample labels can be:
  1. Important
  2. Note
  3. Boss
  4. Follow-up
  5. Potential Deals
  6. Presentation Ideas
  7. Business Reports

Now, let's get started on how to create, add, and manage labels in WorkDrive.

To create a label:

1. Select Labels in the left pane above My Folders.
2. Click Manage Labels in the top-right corner.
A new Manage Labels screen will open.

3. Enter a label name in the field at the bottom, then choose a label color.
4. Press Enter or click + to create the label.

To add a label to files and folders:

1. Select the required files and folders.
2. Click the More actions icon (...) in the top action bar, then select Label As from the dropdown.
 Alternatively, you can right-click and select Label As.

3. Search and select the required labels.

4. To create a new label, click Create New Label.
A Create Label screen will open.

5. Enter a label name and choose a label color.
6. Click CREATE
The label will be created and added to the selected files and folders.

To manage labels:

1. Select Labels in the left pane above My Folders.
Files and folders added to each label will be listed there.

2. Click Manage Labels in the top-right corner.
A new Manage Labels screen will open with the list of labels created.

3. Hover over a label and you will be able to see rearrange, edit, and delete options.
4. To rearrange the order, simply drag and drop the labels.

Note: Only the first five labels will be visible by default. To view more labels, click the more options icon (...) next to the label name.

5. Click the Edit icon and change the label name and color.
6. Press Enter or click the Tick icon to save the changes.
7. Click the Delete icon to delete the label.
8. Select DELETE to confirm.
This will remove the selected label from all files and folders associated with it. Your files and folders will remain intact.

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