Supported files in WorkDrive

Supported files in WorkDrive

Supported files for conversion

Zoho's built-in Office Suite helps you edit documents, spreadsheets, and presentations using Writer, Sheet, and Show respectively. (Learn more)

You can upload files in different formats, such as .docx, .pptx, or .xlsx format, and convert them to Zoho format (Writer, Sheet, or Show), which will create a new copy in your WorkDrive account.

The supported file formats for conversion

Document files
.doc, .docx, .txt, .rtf, .docm, .dot, .dotm, .dotx, and .odt

Spreadsheet files
.xls, .xlsx, .xlsm, .tsv, .csv, .ods, and .sxc

Presentation files
.ppt, .pptx, .pps, .ppsx, .odp, and .sxi

You can convert files with size up to 20 MB in Writer, 10 MB in Sheet, and 500 MB in Show.

Supported files for preview

Zoho WorkDrive supports preview for 220 different file formats.

Size limits for file preview

Zoho Writer and other word files - 20 MB
Zoho Sheet and other spreadsheet files - 10 MB
Zoho Show and other presentation files - 500 MB
Video files - 1 GB
Audio files - 500 MB
PDF files - 250 MB
Zip files - 150 MB
Developer files - 10 MB

Supported document formats for preview (maximum size: 10 MB)

.docx - 50 MB (exception)
.pages - 50 MB (exception)

Supported spreadsheet formats for preview (maximum size: 10 MB)

.numbers - 50 MB (exception)

Supported presentation formats for preview (maximum size: 400 MB)

.keynote - 50 MB (exception)

Supported image formats for preview [maximum resolution (width*height): 50 megapixels]

.jpeg - 250 MB
.jpg - 250 MB
.png - 250 MB
.bmp - 250 MB
.psd - 250 MB
.gif - 250 MB
.ttf - 20 MB
.svg - 20 MB
.heic - 250 MB
.webp - 250 MB
.sketch - 250 MB
.ai - 250 MB
.dng - 250 MB   (NEW)
.cr2  - 250 MB   ( NEW)
.arw  - 250 MB   ( NEW)
.nef  - 250 MB   ( NEW)
.raf  - 250 MB   ( NEW)
.rw2  - 250 MB   ( NEW)
.orf  - 250 MB   ( NEW)
.crw  - 250 MB   ( NEW)
.nrw  - 250 MB   ( NEW)
.raw  - 250 MB   ( NEW)
.dcr  - 250 MB   ( NEW)
.mrw  - 250 MB   ( NEW)
.x3f  - 250 MB   ( NEW)
.3fr  - 250 MB   ( NEW)
.cr3  - 250 MB   ( NEW)
.pef  - 250 MB   ( NEW)
.kdc  - 250 MB   ( NEW)
.ppm  - 250 MB   ( NEW)
.srf  - 250 MB   ( NEW)

*(NEW) -  Preview for new uploads will be generated as soon as the files are uploaded, and preview for existing raw image files will be generated only on access.

Supported video formats for preview (maximum size: 1 GB; maximum length: 180 minutes)


Supported audio formats for preview (maximum size: 500 MB)


Supported PDF formats for preview

.pdf - 250 MB
.tiff - 50 MB

Supported zip format for preview (maximum size: 2 GB)


Supported email formats for preview (maximum size: 250 MB)


Supported developer file formats for preview (maximum size: 10 MB)

gms (.gms)
python (.py)
profile (.profile)
ruby (.ruby, .rb, .irb, .rbw)
haml (.haml)
perl (.pl, .perl)
php (.php, .php3, .php4, .php5, .php6)
scala (.scala)
groovy (.groovy, .gvy, .gy, .gsh)
go (.go)
golo (.golo)
gradle (.gradle)
xml (.xml, .rss, .atom, .xsl, .plist)
xhtml (.xhtml)
lasso (.lasso)
css (.css)
scss (.scss)
less (.less)
stylus (.styl)
markdown (.md, .mkdown, .mkd)
asciidoc (.adoc, .asciidoc)
twig (.twig)
handlebars (.hbs, .handlebars)
dust (.dust, .dst)
json (.json)
mathematica (.nb, .mma)
typescript (.typescript, .ts)
coffeescript (.coffeescript, .coffee, .cson)
iced (.iced)
javascript (.js)
dart (.dart)
livescript (.ls, .livescript)
actionscript (.as)
haxe (.hx, .haxe)
vbscript (.vbs)
vbnet (.vb)
protobuf (.proto)
capnproto (.capnp)
thrift (.thrift)
lua (.lua)
delphi (.delphi)
oxygene (.oxygene)
java (.java)
jsp (.jsp)
processing (.pde)
aspectj (.aj)
fortran (.f90, .f95)
irpf90 (.irpf90)
cpp (.cpp, .c, .cc, .h, .c++, .h++, .hpp)
objectivec (.mm, .objc)
vala (.vala)
csharp (.cs)
fsharp (.fs)
ocaml (.ml, .mli)
d (.d)
rsl (.rsl)
rib (.rib)
mel (mel)
sql (.sql)
smalltalk (.st)
lisp (.lisp)
clojure (.clj)
scheme (.scm, ss)
ini (.ini)
diff (.diff)
dos (.dos)
bat (.bat)
cmd (.cmd)
bash (.sh, .bash, .zsh)
makefile (.mk, .mak)
nsis (.nsis, .nsi)
1c (.1c)
tex (.tex)
haskell (.hs)
elm (.elm)
erlang (.erl)
rust (.rs)
glsl (.glsl)
applescript (.applescript, .scpt)
vim (.vim)
brainfuck (bf)
autohotkey (.ahk)
swift (.swift)
gcode (.nc)
verilog (.v)
xpath (.xq, .xpath)
accesslog (.log)
prolog (.prop)
ceylon (.ceylon)
openscad (.scad)
armasm (.armasm)
autoit (.au3)
crystal (.cr)
properties (.properties)
apache (.conf)
deluge (.al, .alf, .ald)

Only the first page can be previewed for .pages (document), .numbers (spreadsheet), .keynote (presentation), and .sketch (image) file formats.

File Preview Errors

You may not be able to preview a file if:
  1. You enter an incorrect password
  2. The file size exceeds the stipulated limit
  3. The file extension does not match the format
  4. There is no file extension
  5. The file format is not supported
  6. It is a spreadsheet containing more than 2 million cells. For example, more than 65536 rows and 256 columns.

Please feel free to contact if you have any questions.
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