WorkDrive Genie for macOS (Beta)

WorkDrive Genie for macOS (Beta)

The WorkDrive Genie app is a flexible extension that connects your files with your machine’s powerful editing tools. Any changes made on your editing apps are synced instantly to your WorkDrive account.

Currently the latest version of WorkDrive Genie for MacOS does not support Safari. Please use another browser to be able to utilize the Genie app.

OS Requirements: macOS 10.13 High Sierra or higher

Are you a Windows user?
Check out this link to download and install WorkDrive Genie for Windows.

Download and install WorkDrive Genie on Mac

  1. Download the WorkDrive Genie app for macOS (Download link).
  2. Double-click the downloaded DMG file to start the installation. A setup window will open.
  3. Click on the WorkDrive Genie icon to begin the installation.
  4. Once the installation has been completed, the window will close automatically. The Genie app will start up right after the end of the process.

Open and edit WorkDrive files 

  1. Once you install the WorkDrive Genie app in your system, you will have an option to open WorkDrive files with your default desktop apps.
  2. Select a file and click the more actions icon (...) in the top bar.
  3. Click Open With from the dropdown.
  4. Select the default desktop app shown.
    Alternatively, you can also right-click a file and select Open With > Default desktop app.

    For example, if you are selecting an image file, and your default desktop app for images is RawTherapee, you can find the below option: Open with > RawTherapee (Desktop).

    Depending on your chosen app, the preview will open up in a new window of that application.

    If you haven't installed the WorkDrive Genie app, you will be taken to a screen with a download link of the app. You need to download and install the app to proceed.

  5. Click Accept to grant permission for the WorkDrive Genie app to access the selected file. This is required every time you open any WorkDrive file via this app.
  6. The file will be downloaded to your system automatically and will be opened in the default app set.
  7. After making your changes, you can save the file, which will then be automatically updated in the web app as the latest version.
    You can use the Save as option only to save the file as a copy in your system. 

Change the default app for WorkDrive Genie

  1. Go to your Finder.
  2. Right-click and select Get Info on a file of the given file type whose default application you wish to change.
  3. Select the Open with dropdown option.
  4. Using the dropdown menu, select the app option to make the default for the file format.
  5. Click on Change All...
Once prompted about the change, select Continue. 

After this, anytime you open a file with the chosen format, it will be opened with the selected app.

For documents, spreadsheets, and presentations, you will have these two options:
  Open with > Zoho Writer/Sheet/Show (Web)
  Open with > (Default app) Desktop

For all other file types such as image, video, and audio, you will only have the Open with the default desktop app option.

WorkDrive Genie Menu

Upload on every save
When selected, changes will be uploaded to the web app every time you save a file. When deselected, you will be prompted to save the file as and when you make any changes.

Run app on startup
When selected, this app will start running automatically when your system starts.

Debugging mode
When selected, detailed logs will be recorded. This is helpful for troubleshooting.

View logs
Go to the logs folder to view all the basic file events.

Close the WorkDrive Genie app. You must quit the app before uninstalling it from your computer.

Uninstall WorkDrive Genie for Mac

  1. Click the WorkDrive Genie app icon in the menu bar. A small screen will open.
  2. Select Quit. You must quit the app before uninstalling it to remove all app information from your computer.
  3. Navigate to Finder > Applications.
  4. Search for the WorkDrive Genie icon and drag it into the trash bin, or right-click it and select Send to Trash.
Any WorkDrive file that you open in your system will remain there for 7 days. If the files are not edited for more than 7 days, those files will be removed from the system. Any changes that are not saved or uploaded to the web app will be lost.
If you have any questions or having an issue, please contact

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