Zoho Workerly | Introduction to Zoho Workerly

Introduction to Zoho Workerly

Zoho Workerly is a platform built for temporary staffing agencies to help streamline their job scheduling processes. Recruiters can manage their client and temp databases, schedule jobs based on client requirements, generate timesheets and send out invoices -- all from within one interface. 

Zoho Workerly helps with improving agent productivity by organizing temps, jobs, and clients while grouping them into personalized dashboards. This guides agents to assess openings and place temps faster.

Completely eliminate manual searches, as Zoho Workerly provides you with an automated list of matching temps for a job so that you can schedule or reschedule jobs quickly. Not just that, send out invoices to clients with the built-in Zoho Books integration.

Fundamentals of Zoho Workerly

Before setting up your account, it is always important to familiarize yourself with the fundamentals of Zoho Workerly. This would include the system requirements you'd need, your browser setting, editions available, language support, among others. 

Zoho Workerly Editions

To give you maximum value for what you invest, Zoho Workerly caters to your diverse temp staffing needs.   

You can choose from any one of the below-mentioned Editions for your Organization's Zoho Workerly account:

Free Plan- $ 0

Basic Plan- $59/ month.
Note: The plan starts for a minimum of 50 temps.

Got more than 50+ temps? Try our add-ons

51 to 500$1.5
Above 500$0.75

Got more than 1000+? Our prices fall as your team grows. Calculate your price

Before purchasing an edition, it is important that you understand what your business requirements are. Each edition contains a set of features that differentiate it from the others and also have a limit on the number of records that can be added, like no. of jobs or clients. You can get a bigger picture of the editions along with their feature limitations on our Plan Comparison table.

We also have a 14-day trial version of the Basic plan when you sign up. Post the 14-day-trial, you can choose to upgrade to any of the editions, either for our monthly subscriptions. Upon the completion of the trial, you will be downgraded to the free edition.

System Requirements

Zoho Workerly is a cloud-based, user-friendly temp staffing software that runs entirely on the cloud. 

Being cloud applications, Workerly relies on remote servers and needs a continuous internet connection when you're working. However, the advantage is that you are not required to download the application or install any files on your computer. 

Users must configure certain system configurations that are compatible with basic system configurations. We suggest you take a look at the system requirements, listed below:

Operating SystemWindows, Linux, and Mac OS X
Web Browser

Safari 7 and above

Chrome 40 and above

Firefox 38 and above

Internet Explorer 11 and above

Opera 10 and above
Other requirementsEnable Javascript
Enable Cookies
Install Flash plug-in
Install Acrobat reader (optional)
Install Spreadsheet viewer (optional)

Open browser and click Tools > Internet options > Advanced > Multimedia.
Keep ‘SHOW PICTURES’ and ‘SMART IMAGE DITHERING’ options selected.

Storage Space

Zoho Workerly's cloud-based temp staffing software securely stores all your temp and client data. Your allocated storage space would depend on the edition you've chosen. 

The storage space includes the space taken up by email attachments, email templates, and attachments in the records. Also, the number of records that you can add in the workerly account depends on the edition you have purchased.

The default storage space allocated per edition is:

Free - 256MB

Basic - 50GB

Exploring Zoho Workerly

Once you know your basics, the next step is to start understanding the user interface of Zoho Workerly, learn the names of modules, quick actions, just carry on a basic workflow with the help of our guided walk-throughs'. 

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