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Profile Permissions

Profiles in Zoho Workerly help you define permissions for a set of users. For instance, the permissions required for a person from one Agent in the team might differ from the permissions required by another Agent. You can define the permissions for each profile as needed and specify the profile when adding a user.

Default Profiles

By default, two profile permissions are provided. You can only change the permissions for the module and no other customization is possible. The two default profiles are:

  • Administrator Profile: This profile has access to all the features in the Zoho Workerly account.
  • Agent Profile: This profile has limited access to the features in Zoho Workerly account.


Profile Permission Required: Users with the Manage Profiles permission in profile can access this feature.

Create Profiles

  1. Go to Setup > Security Control > Profiles.
  2. Click on + New Profile.
  3. In the Create new profile page:
    • Enter the name of the new profile
    • Click on the + New Profile button and choose the profile which should be cloned.
    • You can choose to give a small description of the profile if needed.
  4. Click on Create.

Clone Profiles

At times you may want to clone profiles to create similar ones and customize them as needed. To clone a profile, click on the more button next to the profile name and click on Clone.

Managing Profile Permissions

To make the process of managing profile permissions easier, the permissions have been grouped in such a way that you will have no problem in customizing them as needed. You can enable or disable permission in a single click rather than having to go through the hassle of disabling each checkbox. With instant saving, you don't have to worry about losing your progress.

List of Permissions

The module permissions are grouped in the same way that they appear in Zoho Workerly and the Setup permissions are grouped similar to the Setup page, making it easier for you to find them., there are three main sections of permission that are available. With the ability to change the permission in one click, you can easily enable and disable them.

Module Permissions

Module Permissions lets you define which module the users associated to that particular profile will have access to. You can also specify what actions they can perform.

Basic permissions

These permissions are based on the modules. The permissions for actions can be changed by using the checkbox that is available in the drop-down next to each module permission.

Advanced permissions

Permissions like Import / Export, Send Email, Tool and other advanced permissions can be enabled only when their pre-requisite is enabled. For example, a user can send Mass Email only when Send Email permission has been enabled for that profile. This makes sure that users can't exceed their permissions.


  • If you had disabled an advanced, then disable the basic permission and then enable it, the advanced permissions won't enable it automatically. You will have to go enable them automatically.

Import / Export Permissions

Required Permission
Supported Modules
Import Own Records
Import records owned by the current user.
Temps, Clients, Contacts, Jobs, Custom Modules.
Import Organization Records
Import all records owned by the users in the organization.
Temps, Clients, Contacts, Jobs, Custom Modules.
Export records from each module.
Temps, Clients, Contacts, Jobs, Custom Modules.

Send Email Permissions

Required Permission
Supported Modules
Send Email
Modules from which you can send an email.
Temps, Contacts, Custom Modules.
Mass Email
Modules from which you can send mass emails.
Send Email
Temps, Contacts, Jobs and Custom Modules.
Delete Email
To delete emails from the related lists in the record's detail page.
Send Email
Temps, Contacts, Jobs and Custom Modules.

Tool Permissions

Required Permission
Supported Modules
Mass Update
Update several records at once.
Temps, Clients, Contacts, Jobs.
Mass Delete
Delete several records at once.
Temps, Clients, Contacts, Jobs.
Change Owner
Change the owner of a record.
Temps, Clients, Contacts, Jobs, Custom Modules
Mass Transfer
Transfer records from one user to another based on a criteria.
Change Owner
Temps, Clients, Contacts, Jobs.

Other Permissions

Required Permission
Supported Modules

Print View

View all List view records in a module in the printable mode.
Temps, Contacts, Clients, Jobs, Custom Modules.

Sheet View

View, add and update records from the module using Spreadsheet.
Create and Edit
Temps, Contacts, Clients, Jobs, Custom Modules.
Find and Merge
Find and merge the duplicate records.
Temps, Clients, Contacts.

Manage Custom List View

Create custom list views.
All Modules.

Admin Level Permissions

User Management
Permission to manage users, roles, profiles, groups and data sharing.
Modules Customization
Customize Modules, Tab Groups, Web Tabs, Fields & Links, Layouts, Related Lists, and Business Card View.


  • Only users with Administrator Profile can customize Company Details, Fiscal Year, Business Hours, Territory Management, De-duplicate, Zoho Workerly Variables, Copy Customization, Organization Email and Currency.

Email & Templates

Email & Chat Settings
Manage BCC Dropbox, Mail Integration and Zoho Chat bar.
Manage Templates
Manage Email, Inventory and Mail Merge templates.


Supported Modules
Manage Workflow
Create workflow rules and associate workflow alerts, tasks, field updates, webhooks, custom functions and manage the approval process with them.
All Modules.
Assignment Rules
Create assignment rules to automatically assign the ownership of the records that are imported or generated from web forms.
Temps, Contacts, and Custom Modules.


Supported Modules
Manage Webform
Design and publish web forms in order to collect Temp/visitor data.
Temps, Contacts, and Custom Modules.
Specify the rule criteria, the approval authority and also actions that need to be carried out on approval or rejection.
Temps, Contacts, and Custom Modules.

Data Administration


Migrate data from other Staffing Software

Enable the ability to migrate data from other Staffing Software.
Import History
View the import history of modules.
View Storage Details
View the storage details of the account.

Extension Permissions

This section lets you define permissions for Extension, Zoho Workerly API and Social Settings. These permissions deal with the communication of Zoho Workerly with third party integrations.


Create and collaborate your documents inside Zoho Workerly.
Push timesheets to Zoho's accounting software to create invoices.


Sync with Google Contact
To synchronize contacts between Google contact and Zoho Workerly.

Sync with Google Calendar

To synchronize Google and Zoho Workerly calendars.



Zoho Workerly Mobile Apps Access

Enable this for allowing the user to access Zoho Workerly through the mobile app.

Zoho Workerly API


Zoho Workerly API

Access the Zoho Workerly API for integrating Workerly modules with third-party applications such as accounting, ERP, e-commerce, self-service portals and others

Delete Profile

You may want to delete profiles that are not in use.

  1. Click on the more button that appears when you hover the mouse over the profile you wish to delete.
  2. Click on delete.
  3. In the confirmation page, click delete again.

  1. Note:

  1. When you want to delete a profile that is associated to a user, you will be prompted to transfer the user to another profile before deleting them.

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