Zoho Workerly | Photo Logging for Temps

AI-Powered Photo Logging for Temps

Scenario: Buddy punching has been a challenge in your organization when temps clock their work hours. 
We know buddy punching can be an issue, especially with our mobile check-in and check-out options, but we're here to help. Our AI-powered photo logging technology is available on both our mobile apps (iOS and Android) and our kiosk app.
This help guide will cover:
  1. How to enable photo logging for your temps
  2. How temps check in or out when photo logging is enabled
  3. Viewing agent timesheets and a timeline of their logged photos
  4. Photo flagging 
  5. How to unflag a flagged temp photo on a timesheet
Accessibility: All accounts (Free and Paid) of Workerly can access this feature. Specifically, agents with permission to access timesheets can also access photo logging.
Currently, the feature is not enabled for AU DC users.

Enabling photo logging for your temps

As a temp staffing agent with access to timesheets in Zoho Workerly, follow these steps to enable photo logging for your temps:
  1. Navigate to Setup, and then go to the Timeclock settings below Time Logs in your Workerly account.
  2. Enable Allow real-time check-in provided below Timeclock, and related settings will become available. 
  3. Enable Mandatory Photo while check-in and out. Please note: If you have Kiosk enabled for your organization, the Allow real-time check-in setting will be enabled by default. You can still access the related settings underneath or disable it manually.

Checking in and out when photo logging is enabled

When photo logging is made mandatory on the Workerly Setup page, temps will be asked to take a picture of themselves every time they check in, check out, and or take a break.

A timeline of logged photos for agents 

When photo logging is enabled, agent can view a timeline of a temp's work hours along with any photos logged from the Workerly portal. To do this:
  1. Navigate to the Timesheets module.
  2. Click on any timesheet generated after enabling Mandatory Photo while check-in and out.
  3. Click on the date, and a timeline of the temp will appear to the right.

  1. Photo logged while checking in for the shift.
  2. Photo logged while checking out for a break.
  3. That particular photo is flagged, implying there is a mismatch with the photo of the temp.
  4. Photo logged while checking-in back to work after break.
  5. Photo logged while checking out of the shift.

Photo flagging

Whenever a temp checks in, checks out, or marks their break through the mobile or kiosk app, a photograph will be taken. Workerly's AI will further check if it matches with the temp's photograph shared with the agency. 

Please note, there should be a temp profile photo added to the Workerly system beforehand.
Whenever a mismatch is found, it will be marked on the timeline as flagged. The job owner (agent) will be informed about this via email.

Unflagging a temp photo on a timesheet

  1. Navigate to the timesheet photo timeline.
  2. Click on the flagged photograph.
  3. A pop-up will appear where you can select Unflag.
NoteWhile enabling photo logging for temps, agents are advised to ensure that temps are aware and have agreed on capturing their photograph while logging work hours. It is to ensure temps' privacy and getting consent in prior will avoid any legal implications. Please remember, photo logging is to help agents from reducing the chance of buddy punching and time theft.

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