What is DMARC policy? How do I add DKIM records for my domain in Zoho Writer?

What is DMARC policy? How to add DKIM records for my domain in Zoho Writer?

What is DMARC?

DMARC, or Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting, and Conforming, is the latest protocol for preventing potential phishing attacks. It standardizes how email receivers perform email authentication, and provides senders with feedback. Complying with DMARC offers additional benefits, including maintaining a good sender domain reputation.

To know more about DMARC, please refer to this link.

How to add DKIM records for my domain in Zoho Writer?

To add DMARC for your domain that you are using to send mails via Writer, please follow the below steps

1. Click your profile icon (inside Writer editor) on the top right-corner and choose the 'Admin Panel' option.

2. In the admin console panel, click on Configurations tab on the left, then click on the Mailing Domains tab. There you can add the mailing domain by clicking the Add option and it will be listed under Generate DKIM.

3. Now hover over the added domain and click the Generate DKIM option. You will get the DKIM txt values (host_name and host_value) in the Generate DKIM dialog.

4. Copy the DKIM txt values and update it in your DNS settings. Go to your domain hosting website from where you have purchased your domain (GoDaddy.com, Cloudflare, BlueHost,etc). To learn how to setup TXT records for your domain, click here.

5. Once the DKIM configurations are updated in DNS Settings, please wait for DNS settings to get reflected. DNS setup usually updates within 24-48 hours. Your sender domain will be verified only after the update is complete. After the mentioned DNS update timeframe, you can open the admin console panel and verify the status by clicking on Generate DKIM ==> Verify on Mail Domains tab. 

  1. Only admins can update or modify the DMARC settings.
  2. DMARC configurations can be added only for domains which are existing in group alias in Zoho Mail or secondary emails in Zoho Accounts. 
  3. Currently, we are providing these DKIM settings for direct Writer users only. Configuration tab may be unavailable for Zoho Docs and Zoho One users. We are currently working on to provide these configurations settings and it will be available in one of our updates. As of now, for this kind of users, we are updating the DKIM settings manually on demand. Please write to: support@zohowriter.com to get the DKIM values for your domain. Once it is updated, we will verify the DKIM configurations in our end and enable the same in Writer.

How to add SPF records for my domain in Zoho Writer?

To configure the SPF records for your domain, follow the steps given below:

1. You need to publish the SPF records in your DNS as a TXT record. The TXT record will vary slightly based on the type of domain that you use, as given below.

Domain Types
TXT Host/Name
TXT Value
Main domain (Eg: zylker.com)
@/ blank
Refer the below table for respective DCs
Sub-domain (Eg: invoice.zylker.com)
Sub-domain name (Eg: invoice)

2. You need to add either the complete domain (subdomain.domain.com) name or just the sub-domain name here. This depends on your DNS provider. 

SPF TXT Values for various DCs:

Region of Multiple DCs
SPF TXT values
v=spf1 include:zeptomail.net ~all
v=spf1 include:eu.zeptomail.net ~all
v=spf1 include:zeptomail.net.cn ~all
v=spf1 include:zeptomail.net.in ~all
v=spf1 include:zeptomail.net.au ~all

Note: If you have previously configured SPF TXT record for your day say "v=spf1 include:zoho.com ~all", then you should not create a new SPF TXT record for ZeptoMail in your DNS. If the new ZeptoMail SPF TXT value to be added is "v=spf1 include:zeptomail.net ~all", then modify your existing DNS SPF TXT value to "v=spf1 include:zeptomail.net include:zoho.com ~all".

Why DKIM record needs to be added in the DNS domain settings for Zoho Writer email to work?

Email authentication is a technical solution to prove that an email is not forged. In other words, it provides a way to verify that an email comes from who it claims to be from. Email authentication is most often used to block harmful or fraudulent uses of email such as phishing and spam.

DKIM is a form of email authentication that allows an organization to claim responsibility for a message in a way that can be validated by the recipient. DKIM uses “public key cryptography” to verify that an email message was sent from an authorized mail server, in order to detect forgery and to prevent delivery of harmful email like spam.

Supported Features

Currently, we have provided DKIM Support for the following features in Writer:
  1. Email Document from Writer (Immediate and scheduled cases)
  2. Mail Merge from Writer (Immediate and scheduled cases)
We will start working on DKIM support for pending mail sending features(mails sent using user personal domain emails) in the next phase(Q4) of release. Please bear with us until then.

    1. Mails sent from our system sender address (notification@zohowriter.com/eu/in/cn/au) will not block or land in spam as the sender address is the sub-domain of our sender domain (zwntrmail@zohowriter.com/eu/in/cn/au).
    2. DKIM records cannot be setup for public domains. This is because, you can only own a mailbox using a public domain to send and receive emails; however, you cannot be the owner of the domain. Only the owners of domains have the privilege to setup TXT records. The various public domains are gmail, yahoo, aol, hotmail, msn, live, comcast, roadrunner, etc.
    3. For public domains such as gmail, yahoo, aol, hotmail, etc, we have planned to restrict set sender's email address as "From Address"and use our system sender domains to maintain mail deliverability better. If the recipient tries to reply to that email, then it would automatically be re-directed to the sender's mailbox in this case.

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