Create fillable documents in Writer

Create Fillable Documents

Introduction to fillable documents

With Writer's fillable templates, you can create, distribute, and receive submissions on questionnaires, feedback forms, etc. Users can fill out these forms online with ease by entering information in the fields like text field, checkboxes or a set of radio fields created by an author without being able to edit the structure of the document.

With this feature, turning documents into a smart fillable form to share with your clients and business partners, collecting client data and electronic signatures are only a few clicks away. Once you have a fillable form template ready, Writer lets you download your form as a Fillable PDF form as well.

Note:  Publishing a fillable document to receive submissions is a premium feature which requires you to purchase the DocuFiller Add-on.

How to create a fillable template?

To create a fillable document,

  • Click File > New Automation Template > Fillable template from the dropdown list.
  • You can now choose either to create a fillable template from scratch or insert fields over a PDF file.

Design fillable templates from scratch

Click Create from scratch and you will be directed to a new blank document where you can build a fillable template from scratch.

Insert fillable fields on PDF file

Apart from creating a fillable template from scratch, you can also upload an existing PDF form to create one. Writer will open a PDF editor that will automatically detect fields in your PDF form and convert it to Writer's fillable fields. This lets you convert your traditional PDF forms to publishable webforms.

To create fillable templates from a PDF form,

  • Choose Create over PDF.
  • You can now upload a form either from your computer or from a web URL. Please note that the size of the PDF can not exceed 10 MB.
  • PDF file types:

  1. XFA PDF forms - XFA Forms are XML based forms containing all the data used by the form itself. (e.g., text field content, checkbox state, etc.) These forms can be parsed to obtain field information for filling.
  2. Try importing this sample XFA PDF form. On import, fields will automatically be detected.

  3. Image PDF forms (non-searchable) - Image PDF forms are non-interactive, which makes them impossible to fill. AI-based auto-detection of PDF form fields makes them fillable.
  4. Please try using this sample image PDF form.

  • If you are importing an Image PDF, a popup like this image shows.
  • On choosing Auto-Insert Fields here, fields from the PDF will now be inserted as fillable fields in the document.
  • On field insertion, you will now be taken to a specialized PDF editor.
  • You can further add new fields, duplicate fields, format and delete fields wherever required.

  • Please note that after creating a fillable template, you can download your form in any of the following formats:
    1. Microsoft Word (.docx)
    2. PDF
    3. Open Document Text (.odt)
    4. Rich Text Format (.rtf)
    5. Text File (.txt)
    6. Epub Document (.epub)
    7. HTML (.zip)
    8. Fillable PDF form

    Form Fields

    What are the supported field types?

    Fields Description
    Single Line Text Enter text like name, address, etc
    Multi-line Text Area Allows you to type in text exceeding one line.
    Ex: Address line 1, Address line 2, etc.
    Number Enter numbers
    Email Add email addresses
    Phone Add contact numbers
    Date Add dates in any format
    Percent Add values in percentages
    Currency Add values in any currency
    Radio Buttons Allows you to insert a set of options from which any one can be chosen.
    Dropdown Allows you to make dropdown lists for the user to choose any option from the list.
    Checkbox - Single Allows you to insert a checkbox wherever necessary.
    Checkboxes - Group Allows you to add multiple checkboxes at one click from which one or more boxes can be checked.
    Image Insert an image
    Signature & initial Insert a signature and an initial field

    How to insert a field?

    1. Open and navigate to Automate.
    2. Choose any field type from the available field formats.
    3. Insert whichever field you want, wherever necessary.

    In a fillable document, there are going to be multiple places in which the same field has to be repeated. For example, in the image shown below, the name of the candidate is repeated and you don't have to enter the name every time. Instead, you can link two fields by using the label name so that when the document is being filled and when one of these linked fields is filled all the other fields are also automatically filled.

    To enable this, the first step is to assign a label name for the fields that you enter.

    To create a label name,

    1. Click on the inserted field to enable field properties.
    2. Enter a Label Name and set a character limit for the chosen field.

    Follow these steps to link the two name fields:

    1. After creating a new text field, while entering a label name for the field, click
    2. You will see the fields which you have already entered. Now choose 'Name' from the options.
    3. The two name fields have now been linked with each other.

    How to pre-fill a field value?

    For certain fields that require the user to fill in obvious details like country name or organization name, you can pre-fill the value to make it easier for the users while filling the document. The pre-filled value can be edited by the filler if required.

    To do this,

    1. Click on the field you want to pre-fill.
    2. You will see 'Pre-filled Value' under the Field properties.
    3. Now enter the text or value which you want to be pre-filled.

    Hint:  You can also add a tooltip to your fillable field so that the person filling the form can hover over the field to get a hint about the particular field.

    How to mark a field read-only and mandatory?

    You can assign different levels of permission to the users, which means you can control who can and can not make changes to the document with the help of the 'Read-only' feature.

    To enable this,

    1. Click on the field and the field properties panel opens.
    2. Turn 'Read-Only' on as shown below.

    To set a mandatory field,

    1. Click on the field and Turn 'Mandatory field' on.

    What are advanced fillable fields?

    Conditions let you show different sets of content based on what value a user enters in a particular field.

    To insert a condition,

    • Click Condition under 'Advanced Fields'.
    • Select the field for which you want to set up condition(s) from the dropdown list.
    • Select a condition from the dropdown list.
    • Specify the condition here and click Insert.
    • Read more to learn how to work with conditions.

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