Configure output options

Configure output options

Output Options when a merge is triggered manually or on schedule

Merge as a new document

Merge as a new document comes in handy when you want to make minor edits or personalisations to the merged document before sending it out to your clients or customers. When Merge as a new document is chosen, document merge is run and the merged(output) document opens in a new tab. You can make suitable changes and further save, email or send this edited document for sign collection.

Merge and save as individual files

Save the responses from a data source as individual documents or files. You can also choose to store these files in a specific folder within Writer.

For example, let's say you are running a lead generation campaign and have a form embedded in your website on the landing page. With the Merge and save as individual files option, you can:
  1. Save all the details of every lead as a separate file.
  2. Save all lead details in a specific folder, say CampaignX-Apr22-Leads.
Besides storing all lead data from the campaign in a single folder, you can also view the details of every lead easily, making it absolutely simple to collect and manage the leads from campaigns.
How to merge and save data from forms in files?
  1. Click the hamburger menu located at the top left corner.
  2. Click the Automate tab.
  3. Choose Merge and save as individual files option under "Choose Output".
  4. In the Document Settings tab, enter a file name and choose a unique folder to save your documents.
  5. Choose to save the document as a Writer document, fillable template, a PDF document, fillable PDF form or a MS Word Document.
  6. Set a password to open the saved document if required.
  7. You can also configure a custom function to be executed after merge.
  8. Click Save.

Merge and send via email

This option allows you to merge the data from a data source and email the final document to the desired recipients. You also get the flexibility to send the send the merged document as:

An Inline email - The content in the merged document is added it to the body of the email and delivered to the specified email addresses.
A link - The merged document is stored in the selected WorkDrive or Docs folder, and only its link will be sent in the mail as a shareable link or QR code.
An attachment - The merged document will be attached to the email in the selected format; you can also choose to enter a custom message along with in the email while delivering the merged document as an attachment. The size limit to attachments is 3MB per attachment.

There are two types of attachments:
Common attachment: Common attachments are those that are common/same for all recipients.

Unique attachment: Unique attachments are unique and specific for each recipient. The two ways to pick unique attachments are:
Field containing Attachment URLs - If the URL of a file is present in a field in the data source, you can choose the appropriate field and the file will be added as an attachment.

Folder containing attachments - This allows you to attach the file from a folder present in Zoho WorkDrive. The attachment files in this folder must contain the names that are present in the data source and be mapped to the respective field. Choose the appropriate condition like File name starts with or File name is, etc and map it to the corresponding field from the drop-down list.

CRM Email Template in Merge & Email

Reuse the email templates when you merge and email documents in writer. The merged document will be sent as an attachment along with the selected CRM template's content as the email body. 
Steps to email the merged document
  1. Check the Merge & send via email checkbox under the "Choose Output".
  2. The Email Settings dialog box will appear.
  3. Choose From and To email addresses. These email id's might belong to the document owner, an organization or a person. 
  4. Type in a custom sender name for your email if required. Learn more.
  5. Enter a subject line for your email.
  6. Enable read receipts and link tracking if necessary.
  7. The document will be sent via email to each user once the merge is run.

Custom Sender Name in Merge & Email

Just like changing the From address during merge & email to your secondary email address or a group alias that's already been configured, you can have a custom sender name optionally. This name will appear instead of the mail client's name.

Let's say you conduct a survey on the physical fitness of members in your organization. You can have the sender name set to "Board of Health and Fitness" or any other name of your choice.

Merge and send for sign collection

There could be instances when you will have to merge data and send the final data to all stakeholders to collect their signatures.

For example, at the end of a project, you will have to get the various stakeholders involved to verify and confirm the delivery of the accepted deliverables by collecting their signatures in the project sign-off document. Or, before sending a completed RFP to a prospect, you would like to get it verified and signed by your sales and implementation managers.

How to send a merged document to multiple signers from Writer?
  1. Check the merge & send for sign collection checkbox under the "Choose Output".
  2. Configure the sign workflow by entering the signer(s) details, level of authority (i.e) signer, approver or viewer.
  3. Go to Advanced Settings to set reminders and a term of expiry for signing the document.
You can also specify the email address from which the request for sign can be sent. The 'from' email address can be configured from Zoho Account Settings, using these steps

Merge and invoke custom functions

After merging data from the data source, the Merge and invoke custom functions option offers the flexibility to execute specific actions, like sending it to the desired users as a message in Zoho Cliq, attaching it to a Zoho CRM record, etc.

You can pick a custom function from the set of pre-configured custom functions in Writer's gallery. Or, you can also create workflows via Zoho's Deluge Custom Functions.

To trigger custom actions after merge,
  1. Check Merge & invoke custom functions under "Choose Output".
  2. In the dialog box that follows, check ''Execute a custom function'' and click Configure.
  3. A dialog box pops open where you can create and link any function via Zoho's Deluge Custom functions. To learn more about Deluge, click here.
  4. To view the available list of built-in functions that can be executed after the merge is run, navigate to the Gallery and choose the desired action.
  1. When you save your document as a Writer document or a Fillable template, deluge by default converts it to .docx format. 
  2. To learn about the limits of custom functions that can be executed, click here.
  3. Here are Writer supported Deluge tasks.

Additional Output Options on Form Submission

Push data to Zoho Sheet

This option allows you to transfer the data collected from forms to the desired Zoho Sheet. Let's say you have a form on your website allow readers to subscribe to your newsletter. With this option, you can collect and store the data in a Zoho Sheet as and when a user submits the form.

How to push data to Zoho Sheet?
  1. Choose Push data to Zoho Sheet option under "Choose Output".
  2. Click Zoho Sheet.
Now, a Zoho Sheet with all the form data will open in a new tab. You can track of the form entries in your Zoho Sheet file.

Allow respondents to download a document

There could be occasions where you would like to allow users to download a document after they fill in a form.

For example, when you are promoting an event, let's say a music concert, you could be running an early bird offer for registration. Once users fill in and submit their details in the form, you can allow them to download a coupon with the code for the early bird offer.

To allow users to download a document after filling in the form,
  1. Choose Allow respondent to download the document option under "Choose Output".
In the File Output Settings tab, do the following:
  1. Enter a name to the document to be downloaded.
  2. Choose a File Format (PDF or .docx file) and set a password if required.
  3. Type in a message to be on the 'thank you' page and a name for the download button label.
  4. Click Save.
The submitter will get a downloadable link as soon as they Submit the form.

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