Finish merge

Finish Merge

Finish Actions

Email Notifications

You can enable email notifications to get notified when the merge is initiated and completed.

  • You will receive an email as shown below, once the merge is initiated with a link to track the status of the merge progress.You can access the link to view the status of the merge.

  • Once the merge is completed, you will be notified with a success mail.


Click Save to save all the configurations you have made.


Run merge after saving all the settings.

View Log

Since bulk emails are scheduled and sent out, the best way to track successful and failed emails is by monitoring the mail merge progress using the View log feature. You can also share or download logs for your records, if required.

  • After running the merge, a popup shows which directs you to monitor the merge progress.
  • You can also click View logs under 'Finish'.
Hint:  Make sure that you do not choose Merge as a new document under 'Choose output' because you will not be able to monitor the merge progress if this is chosen.

Deluge Logs

While Merge Logs allow you to track the merge status, Deluge logs allow you to track the status of the configured post-merge custom functions if they are successfully executed or failed. View Debug info to view, copy and download errors that occurred, if any.

Understanding Error Codes

The following table shows the possible error cases that may interrupt the merge process.

Error Codes



Daily mail limit for your mail merge exceeded.


Document length exceeding 7 lakh characters won't be processed in mail merge.


The "To" address is found to be invalid.

On Hold

Attachment failed and the mail merge operation is stopped. Please try again.


Failed to fetch the related list data.


General error caused due to internal server problem.


Failed to create attachment.


The email could not be sent. Please try again.


Mail hard bounce. Please check the recipient’s email address and try again.


Mail soft bounce.


Failed to create HTML.


Unable to download the attachment.


Failed to include the 'unique attachment'.


Permission denied for the selected folder.


Unable to execute the custom functions.


Run time exception due to code execution.


Function execution limit has exceeded.


Unable to send the merged document to the Web hook URL.


Unable to send email. Please try again.


Images count exceeded. Email images count exceeds the allowed limit of 60.


Attachment failed. An Error occurred when uploading the attachment.


Attachments size exceeded. Attachments size greater than allowed limit.


Unable to send mail. Please try again or write to: If you're from EU region, contact us at:


Mail sending was aborted. Your account has been flagged as spam.


Mail sending was aborted. Mail seems to have spam content.


Unconfirmed sender email. Sender email address not yet verified.


Email policy disabled. Email policy in Organization is disabled. Please contact your organization administrator.


Mail sending aborted. Invalid email address.


Mail sending aborted. The email domain is blacklisted/blocked.


Unauthorized From Address. Insufficient permission to send email from this address.


Invalid mail agent key. Please try again with valid one.


Mail sending was aborted. Invalid authorization token. Please try again with valid one.


Mail sending was aborted. Mandatory parameter is missing. Please check and try again.


Mail sending aborted. Sender domain is not verified yet.


Mail sending aborted. Sender account is inactive.


Unable to send mail. Character length exceeds allowed limits.


Mail sending aborted. Attachments count exceeds the allowed limit of 60.


Mail sending aborted. Recipient count exceeds the allowed limits.


Failure sending mail. Invalid file cache key. Contact support.


Unable to send mail, mandatory parameter values are invalid. Please check and try again.


Mail Merge Permission revoked. Permission to mail merge has been revoked. Contact admin.


Mail limit reached. You have reached the daily mail limit of 1000.


Record permission revoked. Access to records for mail merge has been revoked. Contact record owner/admin.


Organization Email blocked. Email has been blocked for this organization. Contact admin


Record Email opted-out. The record owner/admin opted out emails for the record.


DMARC verification failed. DMARC verification failed for 'From' address


Attachment upload failed. Internal Error in attaching document. Contact


Invalid Email Address. Recipient email address is invalid.


Failure in sending email. Invalid / blocked recipients mail address present.


Internal error occurred. Error while sending email. Contact


Mail sending failed. An Internal error occurred while processing images in Zoho CRM. Contact


Mail sending aborted. Attachment name exceeds the allowed limit of 150 characters.


Unable to send email. Email body section should not be empty.


Invalid Email Address. The Recipient email address is invalid.


Mail sending Aborted. Total Recipient count limit exceeds 30 [Address includes To, CC and BCC ]


Mail sending Aborted. Sender Email needs to be verified. Click here to learn more.


Email policy disabled. Email policy in Organization is disabled. Please contact your organization administrator. Click here to learn more.


Invalid Sender Address. Sender email address is invalid.


Internal error occurred. Error while sending email. Contact support


Mail sending aborted. Attachment contains unsupported file format.


Mail sending aborted. Record details not available in Zoho People. Kindly check once.


Zoho Sign API - Possible Parameter values

Parameters Possible values

Alphabets, Numbers and Special characters.

Example: sample_NAME@2021

Allowed length = 255

notes Allowed characters = 1000
Allowed characters = 255
expiration_days < 100 days
is_sequential True / False
email_reminders True / False
reminder_period < 100 days

Zoho People API - Limitations


Allowed characters = 300

ContentAllowed characters = 100000
AttachmentMaximum attachments allowed = 12
Email addresses
Maximum email addresses allowed = 10 each in To, CC and BCC categories

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