Writer Automation Credits Add-On

Writer Automation Credits Add-On

1. Who would need this Writer Automation Add-On?

Businesses that exceed the free credits for document automations included in their subscription will need to acquire extra credits through this add-on. This add-on merges and generates Writer, Word, and PDF documents, both on-demand and through API integration.

2. What are the type of plans available?

Free Plan - You will receive a specific number of free credits (ranging from 200 to 1000) depending on which Zoho service you are using to access Writer.

Fixed Plan - Get a fixed number of additional credits added to your account at the beginning of each billing cycle. Plans range from $25/month for 500 credits to $610/month for 40,000 credits. Ideal for businesses with consistent monthly needs.


Flexible PlanA post-pay billing plan that lets you use credits first and bills at the end of each month, with a maximum limit to prevent surprising charges, is helpful for companies with variable document generation needs using Writer's automation continually. For a fee of $1/month, this plan can be activated.

3. How many free credits does my account have?

Services & Plans

No:of free credits/month

Daily limit/org

Zoho WorkDrive individual/essential users



Using Writer from any other integrated Zoho Services (CRM, People, Recruit, Projects, Orchestly) and WorkDrive paid users



ZohoOne users

Up to 2000


> 1000 (free credits) + additional credits based on no:of available user licenses.

> 1 user license will get 50 free credits. Maximum cap for user license = 1000 free credits.

PS: Ensure that Zoho WorkDrive is included in the one bundle.




Zoho Docs service is deprecated. If you are a Docs user, please migrate to Zoho Workdrive.

4. How to increase the free credits to more than 200?

To raise the monthly limit of free merges to 1000, choose any of the options provided in the list below;

   1. Upgrade to Zoho WorkDrive paid version.

   2. If Zoho One user, include Zoho WorkDrive to Zoho One bundle.  

   3. Subscribe to the new Document Automation Add-On from Writer.

This is applicable for Zoho Forms free and paid users who are in Zoho WorkDrive individual/essential plan.

5. How to increase the credits to more than 1000?

You can go ahead and subscribe to any one of our paid plans, Fixed or Flexible.

6. What are the subscriptions modes available for the existing plans?


Subscription Modes

Subscription periods

Online & Offline

Online - Monthly & Yearly
Offline - Only Yearly
Online & Offline

Online - Monthly & Yearly
Offline - Only Yearly


7. What are the different SKU's in document automation & how are they charged based on output format of merged documents?  

The table displays credit usage for various document output formats used in Merge & Email, Merge & Send for Sign, Merge & Store, Merge & Download, Merge On Form Submission, Fillable Form Submit, Merge & Invoke Custom Function, and Document Conversion operations.

Generated Document Format
Credits Charged per Generation
MS Word (.docx) Document
Writer (.zdoc) Document
Fillable (.zfdoc) Document
PDF Form

8. What will happen if the same output format is used in multiple output deliveries?

If the same output format is used in multiple output deliveries, then the user will be charged only once.
For example: If PDF format is the chosen output format and it is used in multiple output deliveries like storing the document in WorkDrive, sending for ZohoSign and emailing for user As Attachment; then, the user will be charged for PDF generation once as the same PDF is used across multiple deliveries.
If multiple output formats are involved in a run, then the charges will be based on the number of formats involved.

9. Is there a possibility to increase the limit of 1000 merges per day and why is this limit set?

Due to the resource-intensive nature of the document generation process, we have limited each merge operation to a maximum of 1000 merges per day. Nevertheless, the daily limit can be increased depending on the document and workflow requirements.

Complete this form with the required information, our support team will validate and increase the daily limit for possible use cases.

10. What happens when I exceed the daily merge limit?  

When the daily merge limit gets exhausted, Writer will reset and renew the limit everyday at 12 AM in the corresponding Data Center.
This limit only applies to the organization level and does not apply to individual user levels.

11. What will happen to the unused credits?

Monthly Plan: Free credits will NOT be carried over to next month. Unused paid credits of the present month will be carried over to the next billing cycle.
Yearly Plan: Unused credits cannot be carried forward in yearly subscriptions.

12. What happens if the free credits gets exhausted?

You will have to wait for them to refresh at the beginning of every billing cycle to continue generating documents via automation operations. Nevertheless, it is possible to keep creating templates and collaborating with your colleagues.

To avoid any such interruption, we recommend you monitor your organization's credit usage and subscribe to a suitable Add-on plan. This makes sure your business has enough headroom to generate documents smoothly.

13. Will I be notified that the API limit is reached?

Yes, when the credits usage reaches 90% and 100%, a warning alert email will be sent to all the admin users of Writer integrated service (Zoho CRM, Zoho People, Zoho WorkDrive, Zoho Recruit, Zoho Projects, Zoho Forms, Zoho Qntrl or Zoho One) by default.  
Notifications will not be sent when daily limit gets exceeded.

14. How to manage the credit usage alert emails?

1. Go to the top band and click the User Profile > Admin Panel > Subscription in Writer Editor.

-> If you're using Writer from any other integrated Zoho service (Zoho CRM, People, Recruit, Projects, Forms or Qntrl), then open the merge template in that service before proceeding with the above step.
-> If you are performing Mail Merge directly from Writer, then any document (blank, merge/fillable templates) can be opened from Writer itself.
2. Now, admin users can enable/disable notification when usage reaches 50% and 75%. They can either turn on/turn off the email notification completely or for a specific percentage as shown below.

15. How can I view my usage reports?

Organization Admins can check the usage report by clicking the User Profile > Admin Panel > Usage Report

16. How can I download my usage reports?

1. Organization Admins can export their usage report by clicking the User Profile > Admin Panel > Usage Report > Generate Report.
2. You can choose the Period for which you would like to generate the report.
3. We also allow you to choose if User and Job info needs to be included in the report.

4. Generated report will be saved in your WorkDrive account. Report link will be emailed to your registered email address as well.

17. How many users in my organization can use this add-on?

This add-on works based on the number of merges (credit points) across an organization and does not consider whether it is a single member or an enterprise. It is calculated based on the merge volume and not on the number of users.

18. Is the purchase of this add-on a one-time transaction?

No, users have to renew their subscription monthly or annually. If one does not need it for next month/year, one has to downgrade.

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