Merge and Store V2 API

Merge and Store V2 API


In Merge and Store V1 API, the response will be returned along with the RID only after the merge is completed. In Deluge Script, the maximum timeout will be 40 secs. In some cases, the merge operation will exceed 40 secs which fails the DRE workflow.  

To overcome this problem, we have introduced Merge and Store V2 API . In which, the response will be returned immediately along with a virtual RID and merge operation will be scheduled in the backend to store the merged document in the   virtual RID. User can use this virtual RID and proceed with their workflow. Until the scheduled merge operation is completed, the virtual RID will be provided with the temporary content.  

To track the merge status, you can either make use of the ‘merge_report_data_url’ or ‘merge_report_url’ generated in the response.  

The parameters and scopes are same as in Merge and Store V1 API . Inside the 'output_settings' parameter, we provide another one optional key (merge_to) for Merge and Store V2 API. 

Body Parameters
Parameter Data Type Description
Mandatory Parameters

'doc_name': "<new document name>",

'folder_id': "<folder_id>" ,    

'output_format': "<pdfform/pdf/docx>",

'password': "<*****>",    

'overwrite_existing_file': "<true/false>",




Pass the values for 'doc_name' and 'folder_id' via this parameter as JSON.

doc_name -> Specify the name for the merged document.

folder_id -> Specify the id of the folder in which you would like to store the merged document.

output_format (optional) -> Supported formats are pdf, pdfform and docx. Specify a format in which you would like to store the merged document.

If this key is not passed, the merged documents will get stored in Writer format (zdoc) by default.

password (optional) -> Specify a password if you would like to protect the merged document. This param is applicable only for pdf and docx documents.

overwrite_existing_file (optional) -> Use this param, if you wish to replace an existing file stored in Zoho WorkDrive with the merged document.

merge_to (optional) ->  Specify in which type you would like to merge the document.

separatedoc - If you would like to merge each record as a separate document.

singledoc- If you would like to merge all the records as a single document.

Note: By default, we will consider separatedoc merge type.

Apart from this, only the 'HTTP Request URL' and the 'Response Structure' changes.  We have shared the details below:

HTTP Request URL

https:// {zohoapis_domain} /writer/api/v2/documents/ {{document_id}} /merge/store

Sample Response: 

    "merge_report_data_url": "<url>",
    "merge_report_url": "<url>",
    "records": [
            "data": [{“given input merge_data”}],
            "download_link": "<attachment download url>",
            "document_id": "<merged doc id>",
            "document_url": "<merged doc open url>",
            "status": "inprogress"
    "status": "inprogress"

Sample Snippet via Deluge:

document_id = "fbsa6360a78f53f564dfa9b4a1e79febed569";
fieldInfo =  invokeurl
type: GET
fieldsList =  fieldInfo.get("fields");
datamap = map();
for each field in fieldsList
 info field;
datamap.put("Name", "Ms.Amelia");
datamap.put("Tamil", "S");
datamap.put("English", "A");
datamap.put("Maths", "A");
datamap.put("Remark", "Good");
output_settings = Map();
outputsettings.put("doc_name","Student Grade");
outputsettings.put("folder_id","bsa6360a78f53f***");    //Workdrive Folder ID  //optional
outputsettings.put("output_format","pdf");     //<docx/pdfform/pdf>  //optional
outputsettings.put("password","*****");    //optional
outputsettings.put("overwrite_existing_file","true");     //<true/false>  //optional
param = map();
response = invokeurl
type: POST
parameters: param

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